How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be? Calculator

You probably heard that weighted blankets can be game-changing to improve sleep and anxiety. So, after learning how they work, you may have decided to buy a weighted blanket. However, you may be unsure about how heavy should a weighted blanket be. In this case, our weighted blanket calculator can be very handy.

It is recommended for the weighted blanket to weigh about 10% of your body weight. The ideal heavy blanket weight range is between 7 and 12% of your body weight. However, there are additional considerations to keep in mind to pick the right weighted blanket weight.

The STATISTICS: How heavy should a weighted blanket be? (Kg | lbs)

A weighted blanket should be between 7 and 12% of your body weight. With the ideal weighted blanket weight being 10% of your body weight. This rule is valid for both, adults and children. The blanket should also cover your body from the feet to the chin.

The same weight recommendation applies also to maximize the anti-anxiety effect of the weighted blanket.

Weighted blanket weight statistics

Here’s our statistical data, gathered from 400 weighted blanket adult and teenager users:

Weighted Blanket too heavy - statistics

From the statistical data above we can see that:

  • By following our heavy blanket weight recommendation, after 15 days of use, there is only a 2.7% probability for the sleeper to not get along with the chosen weighted blanket weight.
  • During the first 3 days of use:
    • Only 0.3% of the users reported the blanket as being too lightweight.
    • 4.7% of the sleepers reported the weighted blanket as being too heavy. 47% of them didn’t want to continue using the weighted blanket for more than 3 days because it was just feeling too heavy.
    • It’s about 19 times more likely for a weighted blanket to feel too heavy than too lightweight. So, if you are unsure and prefer to be on the safe side, you may choose a weighted blanket that is about 8 or 7% of your body weight.
  • After 15 days of use: 90% of the sleepers who continued to use the weighted blanket despite initially reporting it as being too heavy are now satisfied with the heavy blanket.

One additional consideration is that a slightly lighter blanket (at the bottom of our recommended range) will generally not diminish its benefits in any meaningful way.

If you are anxious about your weighted blanket weight choice, our recommendation is to pick one that is close to the bottom of the weight range suggested by our calculator. This will increase the probability of getting it right straight away.

That’s why our recommended weighted blanket weight range is more biased towards the lighter options, with the minimum of the range being 7% of your body weight while the top of the range sits at 12%.

Why do we ask if you enjoy thick blankets?

In our calculator, we also ask (as an option) if you enjoy thick blankets. This is because our data and experience show that if you don’t enjoy thick blankets you are more likely to feel the weighted blanket as being too heavy.

In this case, we would recommend choosing a lighter weight for your weighted blanket.

Weighted Blanket Weight Calculator

Weighted Blanket Weight Calculator for Adults & Child

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Our weighted blanket weight calculator is using statistical data that we gathered from hundreds of our own heavy blanket customers and how happy they were with their blanket’s weight choice. This calculator will certainly help you to make the right choice when it comes to weighted blanket weight.

Use our weighted blanket weight calculator above to get your best blanket weight suggestion.

Please note that you should also get the right weighted blanket size. A weighted blanket should cover your body from the feet to the chin.

Now, thanks to our calculator, you know your ideal weighted blanket weight with great accuracy.

Weighted blanket Chart – weight table

What weighted blanket do I need? Just use the chart below as a general guideline to find the right weighted blanket weight for you. However, to get a more accurate recommendation, I suggest using the calculator available in the previous section rather than the table.

Table showing the recommended weighted blanket weight

Can a weighted blanket be too heavy?

Yes, a weighted blanket can be too heavy if you don’t follow the weight and size recommendations. Even if you get the recommended weight and size for your blanket, it may still feel too heavy for the first 2 weeks of use while the body gets used to its weight.

For this reason, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as well as not give up on it if it feels too heavy during the first few days of use.

If you have any concerns about the weighted blanket eventually being too heavy for you, my recommendation is to choose one at the bottom of our suggested range.

Finally, note that when you will receive the weighted blanket, it will be packaged in a box. The box will feel a lot heavier than the weight that you will feel on your body while using the blanket.

This is because the weight of the blanket will mostly be on your mattress rather than your body (there will be only a relatively small portion of the blanket on your body). So, don’t give up on your weighted blanket before trying how it actually feels when sleeping with it.

If you have a condition causing chronic pain (like fibro) and you would like to find the best weighted blanket for fibromyalgia, then you should still follow the same weight recommendations. The only difference is that you may then want to fold the weighted blanket for fibromyalgia to apply more pressure locally where needed. This will allow you to get all the desired benefits.

Is it better for a weighted blanket to be too heavy or too light?

It is better for the weighted blanket to be of the right weight, because:

  • IF TOO LIGHT: You will not get the desired therapeutic effects if a weighted blanket that is too light for you.
  • IF TOO HEAVY: the blanket will not feel comfortable, it may cause your body temperature to rise and may even give you an unpleasant sense of constriction.

Please follow the Relixiy® weighted blanket weight recommendations to get the desired therapeutic effects and maximum comfort.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for the elderly?

Weighted blankets can have great benefits for the elderly. However, before purchasing one it is important to consider the following factors:

  • If the elderly person is a bit weak, it is advised to choose a weighted blanket that is at the bottom of our suggested blanket weight range.
  • Is the elderly person too weak? If the person is too weak, it would be better to avoid using a weighted blanket. This is because it may be difficult for a very weak person to get out of the weighted blanket without any help.
  • Is the elderly person healthy? If the person has any medical condition, it is advised to consult your doctor before purchasing a weighted blanket.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a couple?

A weighted blanket can be shared by a couple if you and your partner have similar weights (within a 30% difference).

If instead you and your partner have very different weights, it is better for each one of you to get a single blanket. In this way, you will be able to pick the recommended weight for both of you.

What is a weighted blanket (Heavy Blanket)?

A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket used for its therapeutic effects. Those heavy-weight blankets usually weigh between 5 and 12kg.

Like a hug, those special heavy blankets have a calming effect, helping to relax, reduce anxiety, and enhance sleep.

Premium weighted blankets like Relixiy® come with a removable luxury cover with a different texture on the 2 sides to enhance the sensory experience. This also helps relaxation, improves comfort, and makes keeping the weighted blanket clean easier.


How heavy should a weighted blanket be? A weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight. My recommendation is to choose a blanket within 7-12% of your body weight, depending on your circumstances and personal preferences.

Use my weighted blanket weight calculator to get the exact guidelines for you. Then you should be all set to purchase a weighted blanket and start enjoying its therapeutic benefits.