Ethical And Eco Friendly Weighted Blanket Brand

Relixiy is an environmentally conscious and ethical eco friendly weighted blanket brand in the UK.

Our management keeps sustainability in mind for all the important decisions regarding our weighted blanket’s design, packaging, manufacturing and operations.

Being green as a small business is not easy, however, at Relixiy® we were able to take several steps to be more environmentally friendly and ethical, demonstrating that being more sustainable is possible for everybody. 

A Sustainable And Ethical Eco Friendly Weighted Blanket Brand

Sustainability is a very important value at Relixiy® and, despite being a small business, we took the following steps to make a sustainable eco friendly weighted blanket available in the UK:

  • Sustainable product design – The Relixiy® weighted blanket is of excellent quality in every detail. Our eco-friendly weighted blankets are made to last, avoiding unnecessary production of new blankets just to replace a not-so-old but deteriorated one.
  • 100% Recyclable packaging – All of the packaging material used for the Relixiy® sustainable weighted blanket can be recycled.
  • Sustainable fulfilment – Our operations partner is fully committed to being an eco friendly business. Our sustainable weighted blankets are stored and handled in a solar-powered UK-based facility using a zero-waste policy.
  • Green Carbon-Neutral Shipping – All of our shipments are sent out with a premium DPD service and are CO2 neutral. Electric and Hybrid vehicles are used when possible, otherwise, the carbon footprint is offset.
  • Minimized use of plastic – this is used only for 1 packaging component, where at the moment there are no suitable alternatives available for small businesses.
  • Recycling – Our eco friendly weighted blanket travel bag is mostly made of recycled textile fibers.
  • Ethical weighted blanket – Relixiy® is ethically manufactured and a portion of the profits are gifted to our UK charity partner, helping to achieve social sustainability. Relixiy® is an ethical brand.
  • Environmentally safe materials – All the raw materials used for our weighted blankets are manufactured without the use of dangerous chemicals and OEKO-Tex certified: good for you and good for the environment!
  • Sustainable website hosting – Our website is running on servers powered by 100% renewable energy. Also, the server’s data centre is using only green energy for its operations. Our web hosting provider is UK based and is going to be planting 1 billion trees with by 2030. The Relixiy® small forest currently (August 2022) counts 20 trees that have been planted on our behalf.
  • Minimizing transport: we ship our blankets only to customers based in the UK, avoiding international shipping.
  • Sustainable workplace – The Relixiy® employees are mostly working from home, avoiding unnecessary office space and the related waste of resources, like the maintenance of the building and daily transport to go to work.

We are proud of what we were able to achieve for the planet by making conscious business choices.

Despite all the efforts listed above, we are still able to competitively price our eco friendly weighted blankets in the UK, achieving that equilibrium between the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainability that are the foundations of sustainable development.

Relixiy®, thanks to our sustainable weighted blankets and operations is the demonstration that sustainability is not just a thing for large corporations and governments: everybody can do their part even if small!

The environment and future generations will be grateful for your efforts.

If you would like to improve your sleep while also supporting a small UK based green business, then you may like to consider the premium weighted blankets available in our shop.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a way of satisfying our wants without causing the potentiality of the upcoming generations to satisfy their wants. Besides, natural resources social and economic resources are also required.

Sustainability is not all about the environment. It also means social equity and economic growth. In fact, sustainable development is based on the three pillars of sustainability:

  • Environmental: the planet
  • Social: people
  • Economic: profit

When people and the community at large provide for their individual wants while also preserving the resources for their children and their children’s children, they are practicing sustainability. 

Lack of sustainability can lead to commercial or environmental problems. These issues may manifest themselves in our time or in the time of our children. Torrential rains, homelessness caused by storms, plagues, and loss of savings are all examples of issues that can be caused by a lack of sustainability. 

Poverty and health can also mean sustainability. Poverty is in itself unsustainable. Poor people can turn to crime and suffer bad health. A sustainable coexistence is one with access to safe houses, health care, security protection, and good nutrition. 

Sustainability as a notion acknowledges that the planet has limited resources. Therefore, it is paramount to utilize the environment and what it has to offer in a rational and secure way.

Even if most individuals relate sustainability with the environment, the concept can also be expressed in different ways, such as in economic growth and social management. Other ways may include but are not limited to: the planet’s carrying capacity, the sustainability of the ecology, jobs, and behavioral patterns.

A sustainable society guarantees harmony with the environment, preserving the resources for the coming generations to enjoy social justice and good living standards.

At Relixiy® we applied all of those principles to our brand and our eco friendly weighted blanket.


Relixiy® is a sustainable and ethical eco friendly weighted blanket brand in the UK.

As a small local business Relixiy® was able to embed sustainability in every aspect of its sustainable weighted blanket brand and operations, with:

  • Ethical and eco friendly weighted blanket for adults and teenagers
  • Sustainable product design
  • 100% Recyclable packaging
  • Sustainable solar-powered and zero waste fulfilment
  • Green Carbon-Neutral Shipping
  • Minimized use of plastic
  • Travel bag made mostly using recycled materials
  • Environmentally safe materials
  • Sustainable website hosting
  • Minimizing transport
  • Sustainable workplace