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How I Solved My Problem With Anxiety

Hello, I’m Lisa, the co-Founder of Relixiy®. I would like to tell you about my story with anxiety, how I was able to solve my problem and how you can solve it too!

Anxiety is a common feeling that at some point in our life affected every one of us. You probably know that feeling of unease, worry, or even fear, that you don’t seem to be able to get rid of.

I know this because I also had problems with anxiety, sometimes mild and, more rarely, severe almost like some sort of interior panic attack.

Unfortunately, modern society can create a lot of stress, which contributes to increasing those feelings and eventually compromise your sleep. That’s why anxiety, if not taken care of early on, with time it can get worse.

woman relaxing with a purple weighted blanket while drinking coffee

After many years of having those types of problems, I finally found the solution and then perfected it in every detail. Now I don’t have anymore that feeling of unease, instead I am finally calm, I can enjoy a good night’s sleep without tossing around and waking up, and I feel more energized in the morning, waking up in a good mood and happier.

I would like you to enjoy the same feelings and that’s why I created Relixiy®, the best weighted blanket for anxiety and my e-book with all the complementary hacks you can implement.

What I especially like about using the Relixiy® anti anxiety blanket is that it doesn’t require any effort, time, or change of lifestyle: I simply use it and relax.”


Lisa – Relixiy co-Founder

The Best Weighted Anti-Anxiety Blanket

Relixiy® is the best weighted anti-anxiety blanket because it has been designed in every detail to enhance your relaxation. Details are very important when it comes to stress and anxiety. With Relixiy® you can feel the difference on and under your skin:

  • The colors of our anti-anxiety blanket have been expertly picked using color psychology to visually stimulate the feeling of calm, comfort, safety, and relaxation.
  • Exceptional fabrics to cuddle your skin in a cloud of unbelievable comfort. Imagine a blanket so comfortable that you will not want to get out from under it anymore.
  • Quiet during your sleep. Because, thanks to our exclusive technology, the glass beads are not rustling around during your sleep. Allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the pleasant feeling of the blanket’s hug all night.
  • Hypoallergenic and OEKO-Tex certified (free from any harmful or toxic substances).
  • Easy care – Relixiy® allows you to relax and avoid stress even when you need to wash your blanket because you can simply machine wash the removable cover or the blanket insert if needed.
  • Take it always with you thanks to the included travel bag!
  • Relixiy® is an ethical anxiety blanket because it is ethically manufactured and every purchase supports our UK charity partner in their amazing work.

Our weighted blanket for anxiety acts like a hug and is the best choice for you and your loved ones. It can help you to solve your issues as it did for me and hundreds of other people in the UK!

What weight of blanket is best for anxiety?

The best weight for a weighted blanket for anxiety is 8-12% of your body weight. The blanket should also cover all of your body from the chin to the feet and have a uniform weight distribution.

You can find our weight recommendations directly when choosing each of our anti anxiety blankets weight options.

Do Weighted Blankets Help With Anxiety?​

Weighted blankets can help with anxiety, allowing you to be calm, relax and finally remove those unpleasant thoughts.

This is because the pressure from these blankets activates your autonomic nervous system putting it in “relax” mode. It helps to reduce both the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as accelerated breathing and heartbeat, and the mental ones by simply switching off those thoughts.

We all experienced the comforting and calming feeling of a tight hug. The Relixiy® weighted blanket for anxiety works precisely like that! Naturally calming, it stimulates you to release the tension, leaving space for that pleasant feeling of full body relaxation.

Check what our customers are writing in their reviews about our weighted blanket and give it a try for yourself now!

Woman sleeping with a weighted blanket for anxiety, adults and teenagers

Join Hundreds Of Happy Relixiy
UK Anti-Anxiety Blanket Owners!​

Here are just a few of our anti anxiety blanket reviews.

Have a look at the results that our customers were able to achieve by simply sleeping with our weighted blanket for anxiety. You can get those improvements as well!

★★★★★ For those suffering from anxiety or PTSD

Verified Review

“… This is a really lovely aid for sleep. For those suffering from anxiety or PTSD from working on the frontline, this offers some relief and helps my wife to get some sleep at last. Thank you for an excellent product Relixiy. Highly recommended.”

by Nozza

★★★★★ “This blanket has been such a game changer”​

Verified Review

“Shift worker recommended! I hardly ever write reviews but this blanket has been such a game changer, I just had to… From the first night of using it my sleep has improved. You have this feeling of relaxation from the moment you use it. That heavy feeling you get when your body relaxes just before you drop off, that is almost instant with this blanket.

It has made napping before shifts easier and I’m no longer struggling to sleep after late shifts. This is the best thing I have ever bought. I recommend this to anyone that is having trouble falling asleep or shift workers like me whose body clocks have been affected by regular nightshifts.”

by Joanna MacGregor​

★★★★★ “2 hours deep sleep and 7 hours altogether”

Verified Review

“I got it for my other half who was stressed and had anxiety about going back to work after lockdown. After his first night’s sleep with this alone his fit bit says he had 2 hours of deep sleep and 7 hours altogether, which is unheard of before. We checked all passed readings and for 2 years he’s never had 2hrs deep sleep recorded…

The bigger bonus for me is the fact it comes with a removable cover… Just need to open up and undo the ties and wash. The cover is lovely and soft too. One side is plain while the other is textured.
I can’t say how overwhelmed I am that this has helped.
Thumbs up big time. Highly recommended.”

by Sopaholic

My Proven Anxiety & Sleep Hacks E-Book Included For FREE – Value 10£​

Get my proven life hacks to further help you to get rid of anxiety and improve sleep!

Why am I including this in the offer?

Because while for most people a Relixiy® weighted anti-anxiety blanket is the only step needed to achieve game-changing results, in some cases, having some additional tricks can help you out! 

For example, you may not have access to your Relixiy® anxiety blanket when you are at work and an unexpected stressful situation may start an anxious response in your body. In those cases is very handy to have a few more life hacks up your sleeve.

Learn from my 10 years of experience how to support your weighted anxiety blanket therapy with other lifestyle tricks to definitively keep anxiety under control in every situation!

Lisa life coach with her ebook on anxiety and sleep life hacks

Reviews For Anti Anxiety Blanket UK – Single, Double, King​

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Our weighted blanket for adults is the best in the UK for anxiety and already helped hundreds of people to enjoy restoring calmness to the mind and body. Our weighted blanket with glass beads can help also with other conditions, like fibromyalgia, autism, ADHD, OCD, RLS, PTSD, and more. Get the Relixiy® weighted duvet, melt away anxiety and improve sleep now!