Best Weighted Blanket For Fibromyalgia UK – 2022

A weighted blanket can help with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, including chronic pain relief, and improving fibro insomnia and anxiety. It’s no wonder that many people with this condition are looking for the best weighted blankets for fibromyalgia. Those are indeed very popular among fibro support groups in the UK and all over the world.

Sleeping with a weighted blanket can help ease the effects of fibromyalgia and stop the vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, and insomnia affecting many fibro patients. That’s why it’s essential to consider a few key elements when choosing the best weighted blanket for fibromyalgia.

Let’s first examine how a weighted blanket can help with fibromyalgia and what to expect from its use.

Do weighted blankets help chronic pain?

weighted blankets help chronic pain

Weighted blankets can help to reduce chronic pain such as the one caused by fibromyalgia.

For example, this recent study by the United States Association for the Study of Pain reports that “widespread pressure from a weighted blanket can reduce the severity of chronic pain, offering an accessible, home-based tool for chronic pain”.

The same study, that monitored 94 individuals affected by chronic pain sleeping with a 6.8kg weighted blanket for 1 week, shows also that the 15lb (6.8kg) weighted blanket (like Relixiy), “produced significantly greater reductions in broad perceptions of chronic pain” relative to the lighter weighted blanket. Those results were markedly evident, especially for the more anxious patients.

The Relixiy weighted blanket for fibromyalgia has the best weight for chronic pain relief, making it ideal for adults and teenagers seeking a home-based, nondrug therapy for chronic pain relief.

Is a weighted blanket good for fibromyalgia?

benefits of weighted blanket for fibromyalgie

Weighted blankets can be an excellent aid for fibromyalgia by reducing chronic pain and anxiety, and allowing a better night’s sleep. Thanks to the therapeutic effects of deep pressure stimulation, those heavy blankets can increase the levels of serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter that is then transformed into melatonin, which regulates the body’s sleep cycle.

This, as confirmed by many studies, has a calming effect and can help with anxiety. For example, this one published in the Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Journal shows that “when using the weighted blanket, 63% reported lower anxiety after use, and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality”.

But it doesn’t end here, in fact, weighted blankets are also reducing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), helping to promote an overall healthier condition for your body.

The feeling of comforting safety given by the best weighted blankets for adults is often compared to the sensation of being back to childhood, sleeping under many blankets in the warmth of your bed during winter. Can you remember that feeling? It’s indeed very calming and comforting, isn’t it?

Here you can find more details about how weighted blankets actually work and the beneficial effects they can have on your body and mental health.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are both physical and psychological. These include not only chronic pain but often also anxiety, stress, depression, and fibromyalgia insomnia resulting from those issues. It’s a vicious cycle that you need to break, and a weighted blanket can help in achieving this.

Serotonin is used to help manage pain

Did you know that serotonin is used to help manage pain?

Serotonergic drugs are often used for pain relief for headaches and serotonin is often used in combination with other substances to get relief from chronic pain.

A weighted blanket can naturally boost your levels of serotonin, helping to manage fibromyalgia pain.

Weighted blankets can help with fibromyalgia fatigue 

Fibromyalgia fatigue is caused by the many sleepless nights caused by chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. This fatigue can be very debilitating, making it harder to reach your goals in life.

Unfortunately, once you are in the fibro doom loop of sleepless nights, chronic pain, and fatigue, it’s not easy to find the energy to do what you love. Quality sleep is essential to recover your energy and break the fibromyalgia fatigue doom loop.

Luckily, weighted blankets can help to finally get back your dreams. Thanks to their relaxing effects and relief from chronic pain, heavy blankets can help to get that restful sleep everybody deserves.

Experience a deeper and fully restoring night’s sleep. Get back your energy and your life!

At Relixiy® we have some of the best weighted blankets for fibromyalgia in the UK. With hundreds of happy customers, Relixiy is a boutique weighted blanket brand specialized in quality, attention to detail, and customer service that is always available to help.

Increase your mental focus and get rid of fibro fog

Fibro fog (fibromyalgia fog) is a common problem when suffering from this condition. It can be hard to focus and it becomes difficult to do anything complex.

The causes of fibro fog are still not well understood by science, but what is clear is that improving the sleeping patterns, and managing depression, fatigue, and chronic pain can help to improve the symptoms.

Weighted blankets can help to improve all of those fundamental aspects of your health. Thanks to deep pressure therapy, weighted blankets can give relief from chronic pain, promote a more restoring sleep, reduce anxiety, and can help you to finally break the fibro fatigue cycle.

Does it work for everyone?

For most people weighted blankets work wonders for fibromyalgia, however, in some cases, depending on your specific condition, you may unfortunately not be able to get all the desired benefits.

Here’s a summary of the most common results achieved by using a weighted blanket for fibromyalgia:

  • Less pain, a feeling of safety, less anxiety, and better sleep: are the most likely outcome that can be expected when using a heavy blanket for fibro for at least 2 weeks. This is why many are so enthusiastic about the results they achieved by simply using a weighted blanket for fibro!
  • Little effect on pain, but improved sleep with less stress and anxiety. This is the second more likely result you can expect. It’s not perfect, but it is still a great step towards a healthier life. In this case, people keep using their weighted blanket because it feels very comforting and helps them to better manage the mental symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • Can’t get on with the heavy blanket’s weight. This is a rare and unfortunate occurrence happening in only 2.7% of the cases, but it can happen none the least.

What To Look For To Find The Best Weighted Blanket for Fibromyalgia

What To Look For To Find The Best Weighted Blanket for Fibromyalgia

When looking for the best weighted blanket for fibromyalgia it is important to keep in mind 5 key features that will help you to get the desired benefits.

  1. Blanket weight
  2. Uniform weight distribution
  3. Comfort
  4. Removable cover
  5. Glass beads

Let’s look at those more in detail!

What weighted blanket weight is best for fibromyalgia?

When buying a weighted blanket, choose one that weighs between 7 and 12% (ideally 10%) of your body weight. It will be heavy enough to get relief from some of the fibromyalgia’s symptoms but not so heavy to feel uncomfortable. You can use our weighted blanket weight calculator to find out how heavy it should be for you.

When choosing a weighted blanket for fibromyalgia is important to consider that while a heavier blanket could offer more pain relief, you may lose some of the benefits for mental health. This is because the blanket may be too heavy for the rest of your body.

So, what’s the right weighted blanket weight for fibromyalgia?

Increase the pressure only where needed for pain relief

The best solution is still to get a weighted blanket that has the correct weight for you (7-12% of your body weight). Then you can simply fold a portion of the blanket on top of the areas of your body that need additional pressure.

Increasing the pressure only where necessary is the best way to avoid having a blanket that is too heavy for most of your body just because it feels better on the painful spots.

This is also a much more flexible solution and will also allow you to get all the mental health benefits of using a weighted blanket. Contributing to improving your overall health and sleep quality as well as helping to relieve the chronic pain of fibromyalgia.

Uniform weight distribution

Having a uniform weight distribution is one of the fundamental features that a good weighted blanket for fibro must have. Because for optimal deep pressure stimulation, the blanket should exert uniform pressure on your body (unless you need to increase the pressure on a specific spot).

The Relixiy weighted blanket for fibromyalgia has the best weight distribution for the body. Thanks to its small quilting pockets and its special filling, the weight is uniformly distributed and the glass beads inside the weighted blanket are not shifting around while you move during your sleep.


Comfort is essential, especially when choosing the best weighted blanket for fibromyalgia.

People affected by this condition already have to deal with chronic pain, so it’s crucial to have a comfortable heavy blanket. The blanket should be soft and pleasant to sleep under, promoting more restful sleep and giving that feeling of coziness and safety that is so important for those who are suffering.

The Relixiy weighted blanket has the best fabrics in the UK, incredibly soft and comfortable on your skin. It gives a very comforting feeling all night, so much so that even if you wake up during the night, you will just want to go back to bed. Because it is just so comfortable under there!


Weighted blankets can be an essential help for fibromyalgia. They not only offer the opportunity to manage chronic pain at home without using prescription drugs, but they also help with the mental health issues due to fibro, such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Weighted blankets seem to have all the therapeutic benefits needed to improve the lives of fibromyalgia patients, and that’s why they are so popular in this community.

With almost 3 million people suffering from fibromyalgia in the UK, it is crucial to provide the required help to improve the quality of life of such a large portion of the population.

To choose the best weighted blanket for fibromyalgia, look out for this:

  • Weighted blanket weight: 7-12% of your body weight (ideally 10%)
  • You can fold the blanket to increase the pressure locally
  • Uniform weight distribution is key to getting the therapeutic benefits
  • Comfort is essential to give you that feeling of comforting safety
  • A removable and washable cover will help with the blanket care
  • Weighted blankets with glass beads are best and hypoallergenic

Get back your life by breaking out of the fibromyalgia fatigue cycle, melt away anxiety and get relief from chronic pain by ordering the best weighted blanket for fibromyalgia in the UK. Just click the button below to get started!