Is Fibromyalgia An Autoimmune Disease? 2022

Is Fibromyalgia An Autoimmune Disease

Pain is often distressing and devitalizing and can be associated with several health disorders. If you’ve recently been experiencing widespread chronic pain, you might have fibromyalgia. But, is fibromyalgia an autoimmune disease? According to many studies, fibromyalgia is not an autoimmune disease, but it weakens the immune system.  If you have fibromyalgia, you are not … Read more

8 Types Of Fibromyalgia Pain (and how to SPOT Them)

types of fibromyalgia pain

Fibromyalgia syndrome is known to the medical community for more than 30 years. However, it’s still challenging to diagnose it because the types of fibromyalgia pain vary among individuals. Moreover, there’s no particular test to confirm its presence. Fibromyalgia is a health condition characterized by joint, skin, and muscle chronic pain. People suffering from this … Read more

Menopause and Fibromyalgia: Can Menopause Make Fibromyalgia Symptoms Worse?

menopause and fibromyalgia - can fibro symptoms get worse

Is there a connection between menopause and fibromyalgia? Does menopause worsen fibromyalgia symptoms? Does menopause cause fibromyalgia? Going through menopause can be a difficult experience, especially so if you are suffering from chronic pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia at the same time. But if you have not been affected by fibromyalgia in the past, … Read more

Fibromyalgia Chest Pain And Costochondritis: Is There A Connection?

Fibromyalgia Chest Pain And Costochondritis

Are you suffering from fibromyalgia chest pain? Can chest pain be caused by fibromyalgia or by some other condition like costochondritis? What are the differences between costochondritis and fibromyalgia? Although fibromyalgia on its own can certainly cause chest pain, costochondritis is another condition that can cause similar pain. So, what do costochondritis and fibromyalgia have … Read more

Fibromyalgia Jaw Pain & Jaw Joint Disorders

Fibromyalgia Jaw Pain and Jaw Joint Disorders

Can fibromyalgia cause jaw pain? What is fibromyalgia jaw pain? Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes intense pain in various places on the body, often in and around the joints, and this includes the jaw. However, people who suffer from fibromyalgia are also much more likely than other people to have a condition called … Read more

Fibromyalgia Symptoms And Signs (and what HELPS)

fibromyalgia symptoms and signs

Have you recently been having problems with sleeping, mood swings, and pain? You may have a condition called Fibromyalgia. Although it isn’t fatal, it can still have serious long-term effects if it isn’t caught early. Keep reading to find out about the most common Fibromyalgia symptoms and signs and how to ease them.  Here are … Read more