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Get the best UK weighted blanket now and sleep like a baby in a cloud of cosiness!

“It feels like a gentle hug and could simply melt away all of your sleep problems”

Hundreds Of Enthusiast
Weighted Blanket Customers In The UK!​


“I Absolutely Adore This Blanket”​

Verified Review

“I was a bit sceptical at first that a blanket could have calming effects but it actually does make me feel calmer & more relaxed…(I love it under there!)”…
This blanket is 100% the best thing I’ve bought in 2020.
Thank you to whoever made it! 

by Lauren​


“Superb Quality Product”​

Verified Review

“I bought this product to improve my sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. I had heard about weight blankets before but was hesitant about it…
I ordered it, and the weighted blanket arrived the next day… the blanket itself is beautiful and of excellent quality.”

by Cyn_gabry​



Verified Review

“This is exceptional quality, both the weighted blanket and the cover. The cover is luxuriously soft and the textured side is incredibly comforting… the extra rest we get means we feel better throughout the day… I’ve taken a week to use this before reviewing and we love it so much we just packed our duvet away”

by Anem72​


“I’m Glad I Invested In This”​

Verified Review

“I’ve been using this weighted blanket for about 2 weeks now, and I love it! Aside from the coziness of it, I notice my sleep is deeper – I must be having more REM cycles because I’m remembering my dreams again. I haven’t had that for a long time.”

by Paula Ferrel​


Benefits Of The Relixiy Weighted Blanket

Improves Sleep. Sleep like a baby

Sleep Better

Immediately improve your sleep with a Relixiy® weighted blanket. It’s that easy!

With our calming blanket, insomnia and other sleep problems will be a thing of the past.

Stop tossing and turning around at night and get more deep sleep thanks to deep pressure therapy. Our weighted blanket helps your body and mind to release tension and has a naturally calming effect.

Try the special hug of our sensory blanket to enjoy the best night’s sleep and get back your dreams!

Relax Body and Mind - relieve stress and anxiety

Relax Body & Mind

Can you imagine a deep feeling of deep relaxation in your mind and all around your body? Because this is precisely what you will feel as soon as you start sleeping with a weighted blanket for adults like Relixiy®!

With our heavy blanket, the stress and anxiety accumulated during the day will just melt away, leaving space for profound calmness and tranquillity.

The Relixiy® weighted blanket is super cosy. Carefully designed in every detail to give you that pleasant luxury feeling while you enjoy the best relaxation.

More Energy - achieve more

Get More Energy

Enjoy your life to the fullest by restoring all of your energy with the best night’s sleep.

Everybody deserves to have adequate rest at night.

This is not just a matter of having enough bedtime: having quality sleep is crucial and our customers experienced measurable improvements in their deep sleep time.

Wouldn’t be great to wake up feeling amazing and full of energy? That’s what it feels like after a night of deep sleep with a Relixiy® weighted blanket.

UK Weighted blanket for adults with travel bag and ebook

Shop The
Relixiy Weighted Blanket
UK Collection

  • 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket
  • STUNNING double-sided Navy (with purple shades) & Grey
    REMOVABLE COVER worth 40£ included
  • Glass Beads
  • e-Book woth 10£ included for FREE!
  • FREE Shipping

What Are Weighted Anxiety Blankets?​

The Relixiy® weighted blanket for anxiety is specifically designed to promote relaxation, and relieve anxiety, helping you to sleep better.

How does a weighted blanket work? Its gentle but firm weight gives the feeling of being hugged or embraced. Stimulating your body and mind to naturally feel more relaxed, improving your emotional well-being and calmness. It’s no surprise that you will naturally sleep like a baby when using Relixiy®!

The Relixiy® weighted duvet can give you more hours of deep sleep and solve eventual nighttime disorders.

With our heavy blanket, every nap will turn into a fully relaxing experience, improving your daytime energy. As hundreds of our customers, you can experience an improvement in your sleeping patterns, falling asleep more quickly and getting the most out of your bedtime.

Studies show that weighted blankets for adults and teenagers should be about 7-12% of your body weight, cover all of your body from the chin to your feet, and have a uniform weight distribution.

Relixiy ® is the best weighted blanket for adults in the UK to achieve those results!


Quality like no other sensory blanket

Ultra soft, 100% premium quality, enjoy cloud like cosiness with your weighted anxiety blanket

Ultra Soft On Your Skin

Enjoy an incredible luxury feel on your skin thanks to the superb quality of our sensory blanket’s fabrics.

With a silky smooth and ultra soft texture you will be able to experience cloud-like cosiness.

The Relixiy® sensory blanket is made only with the best OEKO-Tex certified fabrics.

Let you cuddle by the soft hug of a Relixiy® weighted blanket. Get fully relaxed, sleep better and wake up happy!

Easy Care Weighted Blanket

Easy Care
Machine Washable

Why bother with the anxiety of not knowing how to safely wash your weighted blanket?

With Relixiy® taking care of your weighted blanket is EASY:

  • Simply remove the cover and wash it in the machine.
  • If needed you can wash the weighted blanket in the machine too!

With our easy care weighted blanket you will be able to enjoy your blanket with no worries.

Ethical product: weighted blanket

Ethical Weighted Blanket

Feel the Love in knowing we donate part of the profits to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices (Charity n. 1042495): UK based Charity caring for babies and children with life-limiting conditions and their families.

Our ethical weighted blankets are certified by Amfori BSCI: ensuring good health, fair salary & treatment of all the workers, and much more.

A true gift should be made from the heart. The Relixiy® UK weighted blanket is the perfect ethical present for your loved ones!

Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket

Relixiy® is an eco friendly weighted blanket brand in the UK.

With solar-powered zero waste facilities, carbon-neutral shipping, 100% recyclable packaging, safe OEKO-Tex certified materials, sustainable product design, and an eco-friendly workplace we aim at minimizing our ecological footprint.

This UK-based website runs on 100% renewable energy, and is contributing to planting trees too!


Order the Relixiy® Weighted blanket​ Now!

Get your best night’s sleep and peace of mind by ordering a Relixiy® weighted blanket right now!

Free Shipping

FREE Shipping in the UK with DPD

Get your Relixiy® weighted blanket with free 1-2 business day delivery in the UK. We ship our blankets with DPD for a VIP shipping service.

Satisfaction and easy returns


Our anxiety blanket comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t love it, you can simply return it for a refund. No question asked.​

9 Life Hacks To Improve Sleep ebook

Exclusive e-book included
to further improve your sleep

For many people, a Relixiy® weighted blanket is the only step needed to get a game-changing improvement in their sleep. However, in some cases, you may need to complement your blanket with some additional hacks.

After trying every possible remedy, in the last 10 years Lisa (Certified Life Coach) was able to dramatically improve her sleep.

In her new eBook: “9 Life Hacks To Improve Sleep” Lisa makes a summary of her direct experience and is listing all of the most effective & natural tricks she found during the years!

This is a very practical guide to give you real solutions that can truly help you!

The e-book is included for free in every purchase of a Relixiy weighted blanket and it is also available individually in our shop.


The Relixiy® blanket is designed in the UK 🇬🇧

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