Fear of Burglars (Scelerophobia) TREATMENT

Suffering from scelerophobia? What’s the best scelerophobia treatment? How to overcome the fear of burglars at night? But first, what is scelerophobia?

Scelerophobia represents the fear of burglars, bad men, robbers, or crime in general. Scelerophobia is based on the Latin words “scelero” and “phobos“, which indicate “immorality or criminality” and “profound dread or fear,” respectively. 

Fear of robbers is a typical and widespread concern in today’s culture. The severity of a person’s fear of crime is determined by a variety of characteristics such as age, gender, and previous experiences.

Other factors, such as where someone lives, gender, and so on, can influence one’s anxiety level.

To a somewhat degree, fear of intruders or crime is natural and even necessary for one’s safety and well-being. However, many ‘normal’ things become difficult for the person who suffers from acute scelerophobia.

Symptoms of Scelerophobia (Fear Of Burglars)

Scelerophobia is characterized by the following signs:

  • Aversion and protective behaviors, such as reluctance to leave the house at night.
  • High investment in protection: watchdogs, razor wire, and even surveillance systems with alarms. Or they enroll in self-defense lessons or other neighborhood crime watch organizations.
  • An obsession to identify people: some people are fanatical about gathering and evaluating people’s credentials. 

The physical symptoms of scelerophobia include:

  • Full-fledged panic attacks while thinking about someone committing a crime or being attacked.
  • Other manifestations such as crying, shaking, weeping, and trembling.
  • Lack of sleep: caused by excessive anxiety.

Such people are always on the lookout and never rest, which can be exhausting for them.

How to overcome Scelerophobia? TREATMENT

Anxiety disorders, including scelerophobia, can be treated in a variety of ways. Anxiety and its symptoms can be reduced with a mix of prescription, lifestyle modifications, and other treatments.

If you need to make a present to help someone with anxiety, make sure to select the right gifts for anxiety to relieve the symptoms of a sclerophobic person.

In some cases, medical treatment could be necessary to overcome Scelerophobia. Depending on the severity of the anxiety, this may be limited to natural remedies or even include psychotherapy or medication.

Here are the best treatments for Scelerophobia that can help you overcome your fears and reduce anxiety.

1. Relaxing activities

Relaxing practices, such as yoga or pilates, are recommended. They will not only make you feel at ease, but they will also boost your self-esteem.

2. Self-defense classes

Taking self-defense classes or mastering martial arts will enhance your courage and prepare you to deal with any threat.

Being more confident about your capabilities will help you to better manage anxiety.

3. Use a weighted blanket for anxiety

Weighted blankets for anxiety are a popular natural treatment to promote calmness and they can help also with scelerophobia.

Anxiety is a common feeling and part of life at times. Often just before a major choice, through a life transition, or even during other stressful situations.

Psychological problems, on the other hand, can lead to crippling sensations of fear, concern, or restlessness. A weighted blanket can help relieve all of those feelings.

How do anxiety blankets work?

Anxiety blankets are heavy blankets that have a special weighted layer designed to exert a uniform pressure distribution on the body.

They leverage a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation to give a feeling of comforting safety that is relaxing your entire body and mind.

The necessary therapeutic weight of the weighted blanket is calculated based on the body weight of the user and the blanket’s size. 

Those blankets are intended to keep an individual warm while also applying light pressure, simulating the sensation of being hugged.

People’s emotions may improve as a result of the sensation. As a result, anxiety blankets are becoming increasingly popular as a complementary therapy for anxiety and other physical problems. 

Weighted blankets are designed to mimic the warmth and security that comes with a cuddle. Both the blanket and indeed the hug apply soft, strong pressure to the person, creating a sense of rest and allowing the body and mind to relax. 

Researchers discovered that applying pressure to specific parts of the body causes the secretion of brain chemicals, including serotonin, which reduces stress and improves mood. 

Melatonin is a hormone that aids mostly in the regulation of something like the sleep cycle and stimulates sleep. Because the hormone is connected to the release of serotonin, the stimulus that causes this neurotransmitter to be released will also cause melatonin to be produced. 

How an anti-anxiety blanket can help with scelerophobia?

The anxiety blanket’s compression gives a relaxing feeling under which to fall asleep. The blanket conveys the sensation of being swaddled and provides a sense of warmth and safety. As a result, the mind calms down and the body can unwind. 

For those reasons, a weighted blanket represents one of the best natural treatments for scelerophobia and other anxiety disorders. With the best weighted blanket reviews in the UK, Relixiy is one of the best premium options available on the market.

4. Therapy

If you believe that your situation is too bad, you can seek professional help and receive the correct treatment, such as cognitive behavior therapy.

This therapy seeks to get to the origin of the problem, which is in your mind. It aims to assist you in changing your mindset so that you can build a more optimistic and sensible outlook.

Professionals also utilize exposure therapy to address such issues; it comprises gradually exposing the patient to what he fears in a controlled atmosphere. Guess it depends on how the patient is adapting to the therapy, the patient is gradually brought through simulations of such circumstances of varied intensity.

Other treatments for this illness include MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). 

5. Medication 

In severe situations, antidepressants and anxiety-relieving medications known as persons especially may be prescribed. You should not be using them without consulting a professional.

They’re frequently utilized in conjunction with therapy and aren’t always as successful on their own.

Medicinal cannabis may also aid in the reduction of unneeded anxiety. 


Scelerophobia might make your experience difficult, and severe cases can lead to insomnia, panic attacks, hypertension, and other symptoms.

This can have a negative impact on your socialization. You may get completely disconnected and find it difficult to work.

Fear of burglars at night It can be prevented by adopting some lifestyle adjustments, like securing your home, exercising, or taking self-defense training, among other things.

Weighted blankets for adults can help to reduce anxiety and help treatment for scelerophobia. Anxiety blankets are also an excellent tool to avoid insomnia caused by those fears at night.

For the more serious cases, natural remedies can be combined together with a variety of psychological and behavioral therapy