About Us

Started at the end of 2019, Relixiy is a UK weighted blanket brand and wellbeing website helping people to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and to learn more about sensory anxiety blankets and how they can relieve different conditions.

How can we help you?

Relixiy® appeals to many different types of people:

  • Maybe you are looking for a useful and thoughtful gift for a loved one.
  • Or maybe you have problems falling asleep or suffer from insomnia.
  • Or maybe you are tired of being stressed out and have an issue with anxiety.
  • Or maybe you or a loved one have some other health condition for which you heard that a sensory weighted blanket can help. For example, conditions like Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), fibromyalgia, ADHD, PTSD, Autism or Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  • Or maybe you are simply someone interested in having an healthy lifestyle. You may be looking for the best premium weighted blanket with glass beads to improve your sleep quality allowing to get more deep sleep and wake up happy and more energised.

In all of those cases, a Relixiy® weighted blanket can truly help you or your loved one to get that game-changing improvement you are looking for.

How do we know this? Because our weighted blankets already helped hundreds of people in the UK that had similar problems or desires. Our customers include a wide range of people and organisations, including adults and teenagers with special needs, doctors, occupational therapists, schools and more.

We Had The Same Problems Too! How Can A Relixiy Weighted Blanket Help?

If you have problems with insomnia, stress and anxiety, we know how hard bad issues could be for your quality of life. Because we had those problems too.

Lisa, Relixiy® co-founder was suffering from anxiety and insomnia for many years before finding out about the existence of those magic anxiety blankets and how they can help. Insomnia and anxiety can become quite serious conditions if not treated promptly.

Relixiy Weighted Anxiety Blanket

“Having suffered from anxiety and insomnia for many years, I know how hard this could be. In the last 10 years, I tried all the possible remedies. The weighted blanket is one of the best things I found to help me relax and sleep better!”

Lisa – Relixiy® Co-Founder

Now she solved her problems using only natural solutions and is here to help you as well. Nights without sleep and issues with anxiety are a thing of the past for her thanks to the perfect weighted blanket we created here at Relixiy®, coupled with other life hacks she explains in her latest e-book (also available in our store).

The Relixiy® heavy blanket was custom designed from the ground up based on the knowledge acquired trying tens of other weighted blankets available on the market. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we were not satisfied with any of the available blankets, so we simply decided to create the best sensory weighted blanket for anxiety and insomnia by ourselves.

The result is a blanket that stands out and gives you that feeling of warmth and being loved while it melts your stress and anxiety away with its comforting hug.

Our Story

Relixiy® started as a UK family business. It is the result of the cooperation between a man and a woman. We combined the best traits of the femininity and masculinity to create a product of exceptional quality and with a truly unique feel.

Our direct experience as weighted blanket users coupled with a great attention to detail, allowed us to create the best weighted blanket!

Relixiy Founders

“When stress and anxiety are affecting your life, it is difficult to rest properly, and your daily challenges become harder to overcome. We created the Relixiy weighted blanket to help you get the quality sleep everybody deserves and support you in achieving your goals!”

Simon & Lisa – Relixiy® Co-Founders

Our Values

Relixiy® is inspired by our mission to help people feel and sleep better. Our core values are:

  • Quality: designed in the UK, using only the best materials and exquisite workmanship. Our products feel different because they are different: we target outstanding product quality.
  • Health: our goal is for our products to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers.
  • Love & Sharing: our products are made with love. Ethically manufactured and giving back to the less fortunate in the local UK community (thanks to our charity partner: Shooting Star Children Hospices, registered charity n. 1042495).
  • Sustainability: we do our best to minimise the environmental impact of our business and leave a healthier planet to future generations.

The result is a product of exceptional quality in every detail, ethical and with a truly unique feel.

Relixiy is a sustainable and eco friendly weighted blanket brand

Relixiy® is an eco friendly brand. We take sustainability and the environment seriously: we adopted a number of steps to help our business to be more eco-friendly. Doing so as a small business is not easy, but at Relixiy® we demonstrated that everybody can do their part, even if small.

Being an eco friendly and sustainable weighted blanket brand we engage in the following sustainability efforts:

  • Eco friendly product design: weighted blanket for adults and teenagers
  • Sustainable product design
  • 100% Recyclable packaging
  • Sustainable solar-powered and zero waste fulfilment
  • Green Carbon-Neutral Shipping
  • Minimized use of plastic
  • Weighted blanket travel bag: made mostly using recycled materials
  • Environmentally safe and OEKO-Tex certified materials
  • Sustainable website hosting running on 100% renewable energy and planting trees
  • Minimizing transport
  • Sustainable workplace

Relixiy is an Ethical Weighted blanket

Ethical Manufacturing

All of our weighted blankets are ethically manufactured and audited by Amfori following the BSCI international standard. This means that our ethical weighted blankets available in the UK are manufactured following the highest moral standards:

  • No Child Labor – Ensuring that no child labor is used.
  • No Captive Labor – Make sure that no captive labor is used.
  • Worker’s Health – Ensuring that worker’s health is safeguarded.
  • Worker’s Salaries – Checking that the workers are adequately paid.
  • Safe Environment – Ensuring that the work environment is safe.

With Relixiy® you have peace of mind knowing that your blanket was ethically made.

Our Charity Partner​​

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices

Shooting Star Childrens Hospices

We also strongly believe in giving, for this reason, we donate part of our profits to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, our UK charity partner. The local charity cares for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.

Supporting Shooting Star Children Hospices
Shooting Star Children’s Hospices,
Registered Charity No: 1042495

Our JustGiving Fundraising​

Please consider sharing the link to our fundraising page with your family and friends to support our charity partner: JustGiving Fundraising.