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Best Propane Smokers of 2024

Propane smokers offer a blend of convenience and control, ideal for those seeking hassle-free smoking with consistent results. When choosing one, consider the smoker’s size to match your cooking needs, build quality for durability, and features like adjustable vents and built-in thermometers for ease of use.

The best propane smokers combine robust construction with precise temperature control, ensuring flavorful, perfectly smoked foods every time. Our analysis focuses on identifying models that excel in performance, offering an optimal smoking experience for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Top Propane Smokers

We’ve thoroughly researched and compared a wide array of propane smokers to determine which models stand out for their performance, durability, and value. Our findings are compiled into this comprehensive list, offering you a selection of the best on the market to elevate your smoking game, whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or just starting out.

1. Cuisinart Propane Smoker

We recommend this smoker for its ease of use and versatility, perfect for both beginners and seasoned smokers.


  • Spacious interior with multiple racks for various items
  • Hassle-free setup with simple temperature and smoke control
  • Quality construction with durable materials and a built-in thermometer


  • Some might find it bulky for small outdoor spaces
  • May experience slight temperature fluctuations
  • The initial setup might be challenging for some

Just got my hands on the Cuisinart Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker, and I have to say, smoking your favorite meats and veggies just got a whole lot easier. With the smoker’s tall design and ample interior, we can smoke everything from ribs to a batch of veggies without the space feeling cramped. The setup was straightforward, and in no time the sweet scent of hickory began to waft through the air, hinting at the flavors being infused inside.

Having used various smokers before, the simplicity of the temperature control on this Cuisinart model is a breath of fresh air. The dual doors make it convenient to add water or wood chips without disturbing the main chamber’s heat, which helps maintain a consistent temperature. It’s clear that thought has been put into the smoker’s user-friendly features.

In my latest cookout, the smoker kept up impressively, albeit with some minor fluctuations in temperature. I did need to keep an eye on the thermometer and make slight adjustments to the vents, but nothing that couldn’t be managed. After several hours, the results were evident — succulent, perfectly smoked meat that fell right off the bone. However, be prepared for its considerable footprint; it does require a dedicated space, and it might take a bit of muscle to move it to the ideal spot on your patio or deck.

By the end of the day, the convenience of cleanup also stood out. The shelves came out effortlessly and were a snap to wash. While the overall process took some time to get used to, the experience was nothing short of pleasing. Whether it’s a weekend barbecue or a weeknight experiment with new recipes, the Cuisinart Vertical Propane Smoker is a reliable companion for any smoke enthusiast.

2. Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

We believe this Pit Boss smoker is a wise choice if you’re after reliable temperature control and ample space for all your smoking needs.


  • Broad temperature range perfect for varied smoking styles
  • Clear view through window minimizes heat loss
  • External access to wood chips for seamless smoke flavor management


  • Initial assembly may require an extra set of hands
  • Some users report a temperamental igniter
  • A dent upon delivery has been a concern, though it seems rare

When we put this smoker to the test, its consistent temperatures were a standout feature. Firing it up is straightforward, and the dual burner system doesn’t disappoint—tasks from low-and-slow ribs to higher heat for poultry came out perfectly rendered every time. The window allowed us to keep a close eye on the cooking process without losing precious smoke or heat.

The exterior’s robust construction on wheels made it a breeze to move around the deck, and we found the cleaning impressively hassle-free. The accessible grease drawer and external wood chip system are evidence of the thoughtful design aimed at ease of use. This is not the lightweight, flimsy gear that gives out after a few seasons.

Despite its many merits, we did need a buddy to help when assembling the unit — make sure to have some assistance ready. Also worth noting, a few encounters with an uncooperative igniter meant we had to rely on manual lighting after a few uses. It wasn’t a deal-breaker but something to consider.

In summary, holding weight against the negatives, this Pit Boss smoker still wins favor. Its excellent temperature management, viewing window, and easy maintenance make it stand out. While minor issues can be a nuisance, overall, we found them to be just that—minor in contrast to the smoker’s performance and quality.

3. Char-Broil Vertical LP Smoker

{We recommend the Char-Broil Vertical LP Smoker for anyone looking for a user-friendly and spacious option to enhance their smoking game.}


  • Effortless access to wood and water trays without heat loss
  • Consistent heating aids in maintaining a steady smoke
  • Built-in warming rack perfect for sauces


  • Door thermometer accuracy is questionable
  • Construction feels flimsy to some users
  • Water tray requires frequent refills during long smokes

Just had the chance to use the Char-Broil Vertical LP Smoker and it’s quite the workhorse for smoking enthusiasts. Set it up in no time and was impressed by the considerable space across the three chrome-plated grates. Did a slow smoke of pork shoulder, which turned out succulent and perfectly infused with that savory wood flavor that can only come from a genuine smoke.

This smoker’s double drawer design is a real game-changer. It was a breeze managing the wood chips and water pan without losing precious heat from the main chamber. Gone are the days of juggling trays with oven mitts, opening doors and causing dramatic temperature drops that could ruin a good smoke.

Our BBQ team also appreciated the charming addition of the warming rack on top. It’s an ideal spot for our secret sauce to stay nice and ready without occupying space inside the smoker. Although the built-in thermometer did leave us scratching our heads a couple times, we recommend using a separate meat probe for precise temperature readings. Despite its light build, the outcome was nothing short of stellar—juicy cuts with a golden-brown crust that left everyone asking for seconds.

4. Broil King Smoker

We think the Broil King 923614 is a solid choice for its construction and performance, making it well-suited for smoking enthusiasts.


  • Spacious interior accommodates large batches
  • Reliable temperature control for consistent smoking
  • Easy access to water bowl and smoker box


  • Heavier than some models, challenging to move
  • Occasional dents reported upon delivery
  • Somewhat small firebox requires frequent tending

When we fired up the Broil King Smoker, the first thing we noticed was the ample space. The four adjustable grids let us smoke a variety of meats and vegetables simultaneously. Its capacity is a game-changer for hosting events or meal prepping for the week.

The Sure-Lite electronic ignition system proved to be dependable, firing up quickly with a simple push of a button. Steady heat is critical in smoking, and the Accu-Temp thermometer on this smoker helped us maintain the perfect temperature without any hassle.

Our experience was truly enhanced by the convenience features of this smoker. The secondary door is a standout, allowing us to refill water or wood chips without disrupting the temperature or smoke levels in the main compartment. However, we did find the firebox a bit on the small side, which meant we needed to replenish it more often during longer smoking sessions.

In all, the Broil King 923614 impressed us with its performance. Despite the occasional shipping mishaps resulting in dents, the smoker’s double-walled construction and design provide a durable, high-quality smoking experience. If you can handle the extra weight and are okay with keeping a closer eye on the firebox, this smoker could be the centerpiece of your outdoor cooking adventures.

5. Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

We believe you’ll appreciate the consistent performance and user-friendly features of this smoker, especially if you value both quality and ease of use.


  • Effortlessly maintains temperature
  • Easy cleanup with external access
  • Generous cooking space


  • Some may find temperature control tricky
  • Bulkier size could impede storage
  • Glass door could require frequent cleaning

When we fired up the Pit Boss Vertical Propane Smoker, its dual-burner system was a standout, providing a stable heat range that’s crucial for perfect smoking. The three cooking grids offered us ample space to smoke multiple racks of ribs and a turkey simultaneously – an entertainer’s dream come true.

Cleaning up post-smoke was a breeze thanks to its thoughtful design; we accessed the wood chip drawer and grease tray from the outside, keeping our hands clean and the smoker tidy. Watching the meat smoke through the large viewing window without losing heat was quite the spectacle, adding to the overall experience.

Admittedly, the external temperature knobs took a bit of getting used to – but once we dialed it in, it held the temperature like a champ. Because of its size, you’ll need a dedicated spot for it, so consider your available space. After hosting our barbecue, the glass door did require some elbow grease to get back to its pristine state, but it was a small price to pay for the mouthwatering flavors we achieved.

6. Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

If you’re passionate about smoking meats with ease and precision, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is a contender worth considering.


  • Effortlessly maintains temperature range
  • Simplified woodchip refills with minimal heat loss
  • Generous interior for large gatherings


  • Initial learning curve for digital controls
  • Some units may have durability concerns
  • Performance issues in very cold weather

We found setting the smoker up for the day’s cookout to be a breeze; the digital controls are intuitive after a few uses. Ensuring the meat’s smoked to perfection, the temperature holds steady within a narrow margin. This smoker even allows us to continue our prep without having to fuss with it – a real convenience.

Refilling woodchips without losing that valuable smoke and heat is usually a hassle with most smokers, but not with this one. Masterbuilt has cleverly designed a side loader that keeps all that smoky goodness inside, where it belongs, enhancing the flavors ever so subtly with each addition.

The roomy interior is a lifesaver when we’re hosting. Recently, we smoked an impressive spread of meats for a large family reunion without skipping a beat. This beast handled multiple turkeys and ribs simultaneously, and the results? Delightful, tender and exactly what we aimed for.

Despite these strengths, it’s worth noting that the controls may take a little getting used to, especially if you’re transitioning from an analog smoker. A bit of patience and practice, and you’ll be smoking like a pro. Some users have mentioned durability concerns and error messages in colder climates. Be sure to use it under the recommended conditions and store it properly to prolong its life.

To us, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker has hit a sweet spot between convenience and capacity, making it a fine addition to any outdoor cooking arsenal.

Buying Guide

Understanding Propane Smokers

When seeking the best propane smoker for our needs, it’s crucial to consider various attributes that affect performance and usability. Propane smokers offer a convenient and quick way to get smoking without the extensive setup often associated with other types of smokers.

Key Features to Consider

  • Temperature Control: We look for a smoker with an easy-to-use temperature control system. A consistent temperature is essential for successful smoking.
  • Size and Capacity: We assess our space and how much food we plan to smoke at a time. Propane smokers come in various sizes, from small portable units to large freestanding models.
  • Build Quality: The smoker’s construction should be robust, with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and heat retention.
  • Ease of Use: Features like push-button ignition and well-designed vents can make a smoker more user-friendly.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Look for smokers with features that simplify cleaning, such as removable racks and drip pans.

Assessing Features

FeatureWhy it MattersWhat to Look For
Temperature GaugeEnsures precise cookingEasy-to-read, accurate gauge
MaterialsInfluences durability and heat retentionStainless steel, porcelain-coated parts
VentilationControls smoke and temperatureAdjustable and easy-to-operate vents
PortabilityUseful for transport and storageWheels, handles, and lightweight design

By evaluating these features, we can select a propane smoker that aligns with our specific needs and preferences, ensuring a satisfying smoking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a selection of frequently asked questions to guide you through the essentials of propane smokers, whether you’re new to smoking or seeking to refine your skills and equipment.

Which propane smokers are best for those just starting out?

If you’re new to smoking, models like the Dyna-Glo 36″ Vertical LP Gas Smoker and the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker are designed for ease of use. They offer simple temperature controls and durable construction, making them ideal for beginners.

How do propane smokers compare to electric smokers in terms of performance?

Propane smokers generally heat up more quickly and reach higher temperatures compared to electric smokers. They are portable since they don’t require an electrical outlet, but they do need careful monitoring to maintain consistent temperatures.

What features should I look for in a high-quality propane smoker?

Look for propane smokers with thick insulation, a reliable temperature gauge, a large wood chip tray, and sturdy construction. Features like multiple racks, easy-to-clean surfaces, and precise temperature controls are signs of a high-quality smoker.

Which propane smokers offer the best value for their price?

Smokers like the Cuisinart Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker and the Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker are often praised for offering good quality at an affordable price, providing the necessary features without breaking the bank.

How can I assess the durability and longevity of a propane smoker?

To gauge durability, check the smoker’s build quality, such as heavy-duty materials like stainless steel. Longevity is often reflected in the warranty offered by the manufacturer, so aim for brands that back their products with a strong guarantee.

What are the top-rated propane smokers according to consumer reports?

According to consumer reports, the Smoke Hollow 44-Inch Propane Gas Smoker and the Pit Boss 3-Series Vertical Gas Smoker stand out for their consistent performance, ample cooking space, and robust build quality.