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Best Thread for Sewing Machines 2024: Durability and Quality

Select the best thread for sewing machines based on the fabric and project type. Cotton threads suit natural fabrics; polyester offers strength and elasticity for various materials.

Consider thread weight for fabric compatibility and ensure colorfastness for longevity. Our research identifies top thread choices, optimizing your sewing results.

Best Sewing Machine Threads

In our search for the best sewing machine threads, we’ve meticulously chosen options that offer exceptional strength, durability, and versatility for various sewing projects. From crafting to garment repair, our selection is tailored to meet your sewing needs with threads that consistently deliver superior performance.

1. Coats & Clark Dual Duty Thread

We find this versatile thread pack ideal for various sewing tasks, offering durability and good value.


  • Excellent for both hand and machine sewing
  • Strong, with a polyester core wrapped in polyester
  • Conveniently includes both black and white spools


  • Some may find the thread thinner than expected
  • Limited to only two basic colors
  • Not the best choice for heavy-duty sewing projects

In our latest project, we appreciated the versatility of Coats & Clark Dual Duty Thread, as it smoothly accommodated both hand stitches and those from our machine. Its reliable strength lends confidence to every seam, whether we’re crafting a delicate blouse or hemming sturdy curtains.

The inclusion of one black and one white spool covered our bases for most projects. It was satisfying not having to rummage for matching threads every time. The 400-yard length of each spool ensured we didn’t run out mid-project, making our workflow uninterrupted and stress-free.

Once, we overlooked the thread thickness, presuming it would be heftier. Although it turned out to be thinner than anticipated, to our surprise, it still performed without faults. It handled repeated laundering without signs of wear. Yet, for those heavy-duty tasks, we might opt for something thicker. Despite this, the overall experience with Coats & Clark Dual Duty Thread was positive, showing us that a good seam doesn’t always require the thickest strand, just the right one.

2. HDST-HOME Sewing Kit

As avid sewers, we’d recommend this set for its sheer variety and ease of use, especially for beginners or casual projects.


  • Variety of vibrant colors, suitable for various projects
  • Strong, durable thread that resists fraying and tangling
  • Pre-wound bobbins save time and effort


  • Bobbins may not be compatible with all sewing machine models
  • Occasionally, bobbin thread may break or be tricky to start
  • Thread quality may not meet the needs of professional seamstresses

Our recent crafting session was a splash of color thanks to the HDST-HOME Sewing Kit. With 36 different hues at our fingertips, coordinating thread to fabric was a breeze. Each 400-yard spool brought us closer to realizing our vision for unique and customized creations, from bold attire to playful home décor.

We noticed the strength of this polyester thread is remarkable. It held together under the sewing machine’s speed, saving us the headache of mid-project snags or fraying. The complementary bobbins were the cherry on top—no manual winding necessary and they popped into our machines with ease, except for one particular Singer model that wasn’t compatible.

While working on various pieces, we encountered a bobbin or two with a pesky start—it took us a minute to find the thread’s end. And on a rare occasion, the bobbin thread broke mid-seam. It’s clear that while this set is excellent for hobbyists or quick fixes, those who sew for a living might look for something tailored to withstand the rigors of professional use.

3. Blibly Sewing Kit

We believe this Blibly Sewing Kit is a worthy purchase for its quality and variety, offering a broad color range and ease of use for most sewing machines.


  • Comprehensive selection of 36 colors
  • Threads are strong and hold up to heat
  • Bonus accessories like needles and scissors included


  • Not compatible with Singer Futura Embroidery machines
  • Some mismatched bobbin and spool colors
  • Limited information on thread thickness

Recently, we had the chance to use the Blibly 72Pcs Bobbins Sewing Thread Kits and it’s been a game-changer. Its wide array of vibrant colors makes color-matching a breeze for any project. When sewing on our Janome, the threads fed smoothly without any snags, demonstrating their robust quality.

The additional sewing tools included have proven handy, especially in emergencies when hunting for a pair of scissors or the right needle is the last thing anyone wants. The threads’ resilience to heat also stood out during steam pressing, where no thread weakened or melted.

However, while using this kit, we noticed a few bobbins did not perfectly match their corresponding thread spools. This was not a major issue for our projects, but something to be mindful of for precision work. Moreover, for any of you with a Singer Futura, unfortunately, this kit won’t be a fit.

In sum, the Blibly Sewing Kit is quite impressive. We used it extensively, from quick repairs to more detailed projects, and it consistently delivered. It’s a compact solution that covers nearly all the bases for daily sewing.

4. New Brothread Cotton Threads

We believe these threads are a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a high-quality cotton option for various sewing projects.


  • Excellent for natural fabrics due to similar shrinkage rates
  • Useful snap spool design prevents thread tangling
  • Versatile for multiple sewing techniques, from machine to hand stitching


  • May require larger needle sizes
  • Thicker than typical sewing threads, adjustment of sewing speed might be necessary
  • More suitable for experienced sewers due to specialized features

After threading our machine with New Brothread Cotton Threads, we noticed the smooth feed through the needle’s eye. The threads seem to run effortlessly through the fabric with minimal lint, which is a significant advantage when aiming for a clean finish. Their resistance to tangling during usage reinforces their reliability.

Working on quilting projects, we admired the strength of the thread. Whether it was piecing or decorative top stitching, the results were consistently impressive. The stitching remained resilient even after multiple washes, showing the threads’ colorfastness and durability.

When shifting over to embroidery, the thread’s luster added a subtle sheen to the design. However, we had to remember to adjust our sewing speed due to the thread’s thickness, which, although initially a small hurdle, resulted in a finish that spoke for itself – full-bodied and robust.

5. ZUFECY Polyester Threads

We believe these threads are a reliable choice for both beginners and experts due to their high quality and versatility in various sewing projects.


  • High yardage means less frequent replacements
  • Strong and durable for multiple fabric types
  • Spools are compatible with most sewing machines


  • Spool size may be too large for some home sewing machine holders
  • Limited to only black and white colors
  • Polyester material may not be preferred for all sewing needs

Upon threading our machines with the ZUFECY 3000-yard spools, we immediately noticed the smooth glide through the needle, promising a seamless sewing experience. The endurance of the 100% spun polyester was tested on different fabric types, and it held up with strong tension without snapping—a true testament to its advertised durability. The generous length ensured we could tackle extended projects without the need to seek out additional spools anytime soon.

In the midst of our sewing session, we were impressed by the adaptability of the threads. Whether we worked on a fine silk or a sturdy knit, the results were consistently neat and strong. The practicality of the black and white colors meant we were ready for a variety of sewing tasks, from minor repairs to crafting custom garments.

Although we appreciate the abundant yardage that came with each spool, a noteworthy consideration was that the plastic bobbins were sizeable compared to some home-use sewing machines. We got creative with placement, using a cup as an external thread stand, which did the trick nicely. In addition, while black and white are undoubtedly essential shades in any sewing kit, those requiring a wider color selection might find these specific spools limiting.

In summary, ZUFECY’s polyester threads were a pleasure to work with. They met our needs across several materials and upheld their claim of superior strength and minimal breakage.

6. BlesSew Sewing Threads

We recommend this set for its vibrant color selection and value, especially for those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on color variety.


  • Extensive color palette to match any project
  • Generous amount of thread per spool
  • Attractive packaging and suitable for gifting


  • Some spools may have fuzziness issues
  • Not the strongest thread, occasional breakage reported
  • Beginning of the thread can be hard to find on the spool

I recently had the chance to use the BlesSew Sewing Threads for a quilt I was working on. Right out of the attractive packaging, the array of colors was a feast for the eyes. The hues were precisely what my project needed, eliminating the headache of color matching.

During my sewing sessions, I noticed the richness of the colors and found that the thread glided smoothly through both the machine and fabric. There was a generous 1000 yards on each spool, which meant I could sew to my heart’s content without worrying about running out.

However, I did experience some setbacks with fuzziness which occasionally led to a bit of lint accumulation in my machine. Also, while working on some high-tension stitching, I encountered a few breaks. These issues were minor inconveniences in light of the overall usefulness of the set.

In summary, the BlesSew Sewing Threads set serves as a versatile option that could spark creativity in any sewing enthusiast’s projects. Despite a few drawbacks, we find the value and variety it provides to be quite compelling.

7. LEONIS Handy Threads

We believe this LEONIS thread set is a great choice for those who value versatility and convenience in their sewing projects.


  • A delightful variety of colors for any project
  • Compact spools are perfect for small sewing tasks
  • The included needle threader makes setup a breeze


  • Spools may be too small for large projects
  • Some users reported issues with machine compatibility
  • May produce lint, which requires frequent machine cleaning

When I recently took up a sewing project, the LEONIS thread assortment was my go-to companion. The 30 colors meant I had the right shade for every part of my work, and the compact size of each spool didn’t crowd my sewing box. During a weekend marathon of crafting, I appreciated not only the quality but also the easy access to a spectrum of colors, which allowed for seamless transitions between different parts of the design. The transparency of the storage case simplified my selection process, saving me valuable time.

While working on a more involved quilt, however, I noticed that I was going through these smaller spools rather quickly. This realization was slightly inconvenient, considering the frequency at which I had to switch them out. Nevertheless, the robust polyester thread held up well, producing clean, strong stitches that gave my work a professional touch. The included needle threader was another highlight, with its durability and precision further enhancing my sewing experience.

Despite these benefits, it’s important to address that the LEONIS threads weren’t without their drawbacks. A few users have encountered compatibility issues with their particular sewing machines, and I have noticed an increased amount of lint buildup, prompting me to clean my machine more often to maintain performance. Although these issues are minor setbacks, they can be a consideration for selecting the appropriate thread for your machine and project needs.

8. New Brothread Embroidery Kit

We believe this embroidery thread kit is a must-have for those looking to bring a splash of color to their embroidery projects with high-quality, durable threads.


  • Vibrant color selection enhances any design
  • Strong, resilient polyester reduces fraying and breakage
  • Generous spool size offers good value


  • Requires separate storage solution, as no rack is included
  • Polyester sheen might not suit all fabric types
  • Color fastness under harsh chemicals is assumed but not personally tested

While working on a recent embroidery project on our Brother machine, we were genuinely impressed with the way the colors popped, making the designs come alive. Each spool unraveled smoothly without any pesky thread breakage, which can be a real nuisance when you’re in the flow of creating.

The polyester material gives the stitches a delightful sheen which might just be what your project needs. However, we noticed that this same sheen may not blend in as seamlessly on certain fabric types—something to remember when planning your masterpiece.

Handling over 10,000 stitches without a hitch, it’s clear the thread’s tensile strength is up to par for demanding designs. Although touted as colorfast, we haven’t had the opportunity to put it through the extreme conditions of commercial laundering. Nonetheless, the vibrant hues have held up well in standard washes.

In sum, this kit has made a significant addition to our embroidery arsenal. Its variety and quality have encouraged us to be more adventurous with color choices, even on intricate patterns. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to source your own storage solution, but that’s a small concession for a product that performs this well.

9. Gutermann Sew-All Thread

In our collective experience, we recommend this thread for its exceptional versatility and performance on various fabrics.


  • No lint produced, keeping our machines clean
  • High tear and abrasion resistance, offering durability
  • Silky gloss adds a touch of elegance to our projects


  • Higher price point compared to some other brands
  • Limited to 1,000 meters per spool which may not suffice for larger projects
  • Available only in white, which may require purchasing additional colors

After threading our machine with the Gutermann Sew-All Thread, the first thing we noticed was how smoothly the thread glided through the fabric. Its consistent quality meant we didn’t have to worry about unexpected breaks or snags, which can be a common issue with lower-quality threads. From sheer chiffon to tough denim seams, the thread handled every material we threw at it.

The promise of less fibre lint is not to be underestimated, as it meant we spent much less time cleaning out our machines after a big project. We found this aspect particularly valuable when working on quilts or garments, where the cleanliness of the thread can affect the overall look and feel of the finished product.

In terms of aesthetics, the Gutermann thread gave our seams a luxurious look that stood out on completed pieces. The silky gloss was not just for show; it also seemed to add to the strength of the thread, which was evident in the seam durability. We’re pleased to report that this thread lived up to the task, even when we tested it on heavier fabrics.

We did feel the pinch in our budget slightly, given the higher cost of this premium thread. And for those of us working on large-scale projects, we found ourselves wishing for a larger spool size. Despite being a small inconvenience, it’s something to keep in mind when planning project supplies. Lastly, having a broader color selection readily available would save us a trip back to the store.

Overall, the consensus among us is clear: Gutermann Sew-All Thread is a reliable choice for just about any sewing endeavor, despite a couple of minor drawbacks.

10. FIVEIZERO Upholstery Thread

We find this thread to be a solid choice for those tackling heavyweight sewing projects due to its durability and versatility.


  • Exceptionally strong for heavy fabrics
  • Generous length for extensive projects
  • Compatible with high-speed sewing machines


  • May require specific needles to prevent breakage
  • Not as thick as some may expect for upholstery work
  • Can tangle in some sewing machines due to its rigidity

Having recently completed some upholstery work using the FIVEIZERO Upholstery Thread, we were quite impressed with its strength and resilience. This thread effortlessly handled the thick layers of fabric without snapping, which is a testament to its high-quality bonded nylon composition.

Working on various projects, we noticed the thread glides smoothly through the machine, making the sewing experience more efficient. Its 330-yard length per spool ensures that there’s plenty to go around for larger projects or multiple small ones. It’s a relief knowing we won’t be running out of thread halfway through a project.

However, we did encounter a hitch when it came to using standard needles. This thread is quite robust, so switching to a needle with a larger eye, as recommended, was necessary to avoid frustration with breakage. Moreover, due to its stiffness, the thread sometimes came off the spool curved, which led to tangling in some of our sewing machines. This can be mitigated by adjusting the tension or using a thread stand. Despite these minor issues, the thread held up well when we tested it on heavy-duty applications, from leather crafting to repairing outdoor gear.

In sum, the FIVEIZERO Upholstery Thread impresses with its durability and the substantial length provided. It’s well-suited for those experienced in sewing who need a reliable thread for heavyweight materials. Just bear in mind the need for compatible needles and the potential for tangling in some machines.

11. MOYYON Rainbow Thread Kit

We believe this MOYYON Rainbow Thread Kit is an excellent value for those in need of a variety of colors for general sewing tasks.


  • Diverse color selection to match any project
  • Threads are durable and not prone to fraying or breaking
  • Generous amount of thread provided on each spool


  • Spools may be smaller than anticipated
  • Thread tension can be tricky, leading to occasional bunching in machines
  • Not the top-tier quality for professional projects

Working with the MOYYON Rainbow Thread Kit has added a burst of color to our sewing projects, offering an array of shades that easily match any fabric in our collection. The resilient polyester material demonstrates a capacity to withstand repeated use without breaking mid-seam, a frustration we’ve all encountered with inferior thread.

The sheer volume of options – 45 different colors – made our creative decisions more enjoyable. Whether embellishing with delicate embroidery or stitching together sizable pieces, this thread kit has had us covered. A noteworthy benefit is each spool holding 100 yards, ensuring we rarely run out mid-task.

Every sewing enthusiast encounters a snag now and then, and with these threads on our machine, we’ve noticed they require careful tension adjustment. Getting it just right prevents the thread from bunching beneath our work, a small challenge we’re happy to manage given the affordability and color assortment. We recommend this kit for casual sewing collections rather than the rigorous demands of commercial dressmaking.

In summary, if you’re looking to replenish your thread supply with a kaleidoscope of colors at a reasonable price, the MOYYON Rainbow Thread Kit is a solid choice. It will brighten your sewing without substantially thinning out your wallet.

Buying Guide

Understanding Thread Composition

We need to assess the material makeup of sewing machine thread, as it affects both durability and fabric compatibility. Threads come in various fibers such as polyester, cotton, and nylon. Polyester is widely appreciated for its strength and flexibility, apt for a vast array of fabrics. Cotton thread suits natural fibers due to its softness and heat tolerance, whereas nylon is both strong and stretchy, making it ideal for synthetics.

Thread Weight and Size

Thread weight indicates its thickness. A higher weight number means a thinner thread, suitable for delicate fabrics. We must choose a thread of appropriate weight for our fabric to prevent seam puckering or breakage.

  • Heavy Fabrics: Denim or upholstery require a low weight number.
  • Light Fabrics: Silk or tulle are better with a high weight number.

Thread Color

Matching the thread color to our fabric is paramount for a professional finish. We should aim for a perfect match or one shade darker for blending.

Fabric ColorThread Color Choice
LightExact match or one shade darker
DarkExact match or one shade lighter

Spool Size

Consider the spool size based on the project scale . For large projects or frequent use of a particular color, larger spools offer better value.

Thread Quality

High-quality thread minimizes lint, reducing machine jams and maintenance. Test for a smooth pull-off from the spool, and avoid threads that fray easily.

By focusing on these factors, we ensure the selection of the best thread for our sewing machine, leading to impeccable sewing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide clear, confident advice to answer common queries regarding the best threads for sewing machines and how they impact your sewing experience.

What are the most durable types of threads for sewing machines?

We find that polyester and nylon threads are among the most durable types for sewing machines. They offer excellent tensile strength and are resistant to abrasion, making them suitable for a wide range of fabrics and long-lasting wear.

How do I choose the best thread for my Brother sewing machine?

To choose the best thread for your Brother sewing machine, we recommend you consider the fabric type and the project’s purpose. For general purposes, a good quality polyester thread works well, but specialty fabrics may require specific threads like heavyweight nylon or fine silk.

Which thread is better for beginners using sewing machines?

Beginners should start with an all-purpose polyester thread because it’s strong, flexible, and forgiving on a wide variety of fabrics. This type of thread ensures a positive initial experience with fewer thread breaks and tension issues.

What are the advantages of using polyester thread over cotton in sewing machines?

Polyester thread provides high strength, durability, and elasticity, which we often prefer over cotton for sewing machines. It also retains color well and is more resistant to shrinking, making it a versatile choice for diverse sewing projects.

Can all-purpose thread be used for most sewing machine projects?

We find that all-purpose thread, typically made from polyester, is designed to be versatile enough for a broad range of sewing machine projects. Its balanced characteristics make it suitable for both hand and machine sewing on most fabrics.

How does thread quality impact sewing machine performance?

We’ve observed that high-quality threads lead to fewer machine jams, reduced thread breakage, and better stitch formation. Investing in good quality thread will enhance the sewing machine’s performance and the overall durability of your project.