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10 Best Outdoor Glow in the Dark Paint of 2024

When selecting the best outdoor glow in the dark paint, prioritize durability, luminosity, and longevity to ensure it stands up to weather and maintains its glow. The paint should be vibrant, long-lasting, and safe for environments with children and pets.

We’ve evaluated various products to identify top-performing glow paints that offer a blend of strong glow, durability against outdoor elements, and non-toxic formulas, providing you with reliable options for enhancing outdoor spaces with both beauty and functionality.

Top Outdoor Glow in the Dark Paints

Our selection criteria focus on longevity, brightness, and weather resistance to ensure you get the best possible results. Whether you’re aiming to illuminate garden paths, add a magical touch to your backyard, or create striking art pieces, our list offers the finest options on the market to make your creative vision come to life night after night.

1. Artecho Glow Paint Set

We think you’ll be impressed by this Artecho Glow Paint Set for its vibrant colors and multiple surface application, perfect for your creative outdoor projects.


  • Exhibits exceptional luminosity under black light
  • Offers versatility across different materials
  • Complete set of 8 vivid colors catering to varied designs


  • Requires multiple coats for optimal opacity
  • May need a black light to realize full glowing potential
  • Smaller volume per bottle limits the coverage area

Our recent foray into night-time garden art brought us to Artecho’s Glow in the Dark Paint. Right off the bat, the colors burst with energy under UV lighting, transforming our patio into an enchanting space. The glow was truly mesmerizing, adding a touch of whimsy after sunset.

During application, we noticed the formula adheres well to various surfaces including rocks and wood, a testament to its versatility. We did discover, however, that achieving the vibrancy we wanted required patience, as multiple layers were key. This was a small trade-off for the beautiful glossy finish.

Preparing for an evening event was stress-free; the paint charged swiftly under sunlight and even faster with LED lamps. We spread our artwork across multiple mediums, from fabrics to canvas, and the results were wonderfully consistent. Although frequent recoating was needed, we found the effort worth the luminous payoff.

2. Fantastory Glow Paint Set

If you’re eager to add some nighttime flair to your outdoor projects, this glow paint set might just be what you need.


  • Vibrant color selection enhances a variety of surfaces
  • Non-toxic formulation ensures safety for all ages
  • Bottle design prevents leaks, making storage and handling mess-free


  • Requires multiple layers to achieve desired glow
  • Glow intensity may vary based on color and light charging method
  • Some users found the paint challenging to apply on certain surfaces

After testing the Fantastory Glow Paint Set, we were impressed by the vivid colors straight out of the bottle. Applying the paint to rocks and garden decorations was a breeze, and we noticed the colors really popped in daylight. When the sun went down, our artwork came to life with a luminous glow, much to our delight.

We did find that to get the best glow, patience was key. It took us a few layers to really make the colors shine in the dark, which is something to keep in mind if you’re short on time. Also, make sure to charge the paint adequately with UV light for the most radiant effect.

It’s important to note that the glow was not uniform across all colors. Some hues shone brighter than others, which seemed to be tied to how well they were charged by light sources. Not all surfaces were as easy to paint on either; smooth and lighter-colored backgrounds generally yielded better results.

All in all, this paint has been quite a fun addition to our outdoor art projects. With its ease of use and safe formulation, we can confidently say it’s a good pick, especially for those looking to decorate with a touch of glow. Just be prepared to apply a few coats and charge them well for that striking nighttime sparkle.

3. Rust-Oleum Glow

We found this glow in the dark paint to be a playful addition to any project that requires a bit of luminescence.


  • Introduces a fun glow to a variety of surfaces
  • Applies smoothly and dries relatively quickly
  • Easy clean-up with just soap and water


  • Glow duration may be shorter than expected
  • Requires a white or light base for optimal effect
  • Indoor use only could be restrictive

After laying down a fresh white base coat, we applied Rust-Oleum’s Glow to a series of outdoor ceramics. The application was straightforward: a couple of light coats were sufficient. Thanks to the fast-drying formula, we didn’t have to wait long to see the results. Once charged by daylight, the pieces emitted a subtle, enchanting glow that certainly added an unexpected twist to our garden area.

During our test, we found it beneficial to apply the product patiently, building up the glow capacity with several layers. This technique seemed to enhance the paint’s luminosity when dusk fell. The glow was less pronounced than we anticipated, but it provided a gentle, ambient light that was quite pleasing in the outdoor setting.

A point to note is the paint’s clean-up ease. While we’re used to dealing with the hassle of sticky, hard-to-remove paint residues, this was a breeze to wash off using just soap and water, making the post-project clean-up a stress-free affair.

To sum up our experience, Rust-Oleum’s Glow paint has its limitations, notably its indoor-only recommendation and the need for a primer. However, its ease of application and clean-up make it a convenient choice for quick, glowing accents around the home.

4. FolkArt Glow Paint

We believe this FolkArt Glow Paint is a versatile choice for anyone looking to add a vibrant, luminous flair to their outdoor projects.


  • Dries to a radiant, even glow after sufficient light exposure
  • Easy to clean with just soap and water while still wet
  • Compatible with a multitude of surfaces, enhancing its utility


  • Requires multiple coats for optimal brightness
  • May not glow as intensely without proper charging in light
  • Limited glow duration before needing recharging

Upon opening the FolkArt Glow Paint, the first thing to note is its creamy consistency, which facilitates a smooth application process. The paint adheres well to several types of surfaces, attesting to its versatility in outdoor craft. Its water-based composition not only underscores the eco-friendly aspect but also ensures cleanup is a breeze—something we’re always looking for.

The importance of sufficient charging time in sunlight or strong artificial light cannot be overstressed; the glow’s luminosity is heavily dependent on it. We’ve seen the best glow results after the paint had prolonged exposure to a strong light source, and it’s a delight to witness the transformation when dusk falls.

However, practical use reveals that achieving that stunning, bright glow might require patience and a few additional layers of paint. It’s a trade-off, but the end result is rewarding. Be mindful of the charging process too, as the glow’s intensity and duration are contingent upon it. We found that the glow lasts well through the evening if charged correctly.

In our experience, FolkArt Glow Paint holds up to the elements when applied outdoors, though its glowing effect tends to diminish over time and may need reapplication for ongoing projects. Nonetheless, its use can be quite fun and impactful for temporary installations or seasonal decorations.

5. Neon Nights Glow Paint

We think you’ll find Neon Nights Glow Paint a thrilling choice for your nighttime projects due to its vivid glow and versatility across multiple surfaces.


  • Exceptional nighttime luminosity after charging in sunlight or UV light
  • Highly visible in daylight for standout crafts and art
  • Adheres to a variety of surfaces excluding fabric


  • Requires a lengthy charging period under direct UV light for optimal glow
  • Not suitable for use on fabric, skin, or body
  • Some colors may appear less vibrant than others

Venturing into the prowl of night-time décor, we’ve uncovered the potential of Neon Nights Glow Paint. Its striking luminosity has enlivened our creations, offering a spectral ambience to the night. Charge it under the sun or a UV black light, and the results are mesmerizing—a fluorescent spectacle that holds gazes captive.

Yet, its daytime prowess stands undiminished. These paints radiate color regardless of the hour, making every brushstroke on our canvases, walls, and garden fixtures leap to vivid life. And when it comes to versatility, we’ve yet to find a surface it doesn’t befriend, with metal, wood, and plastic all transformed by its vibrant hues.

And yet, not all that glows is gold. These paints thirst for the brightest light to charge, and without it, their glow lacks vigor. An artist’s hand must also look elsewhere when working on fabric, as these are not the paints for such textiles. Moreover, some shades seem shy under the UV’s gaze, their glow dimmer than their more radiant siblings.

6. Individuall Glow Paint

We’d recommend this set for anyone looking to add a vibrant and versatile glow to their outdoor or indoor projects.


  • Exhibits strong luminosity under UV light and darkness
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces like plastic, wood, and metal
  • Comes in a range of eight vivid colors


  • Some users report inconsistency in texture and coverage
  • Requires multiple coats for best results
  • Glow duration and intensity may not meet expectations

Recently, we had the chance to use Individuall Glow Paint, and the application on garden sculptures turned our night garden into a truly magical space. The colors are vibrant by day and transform impressively under the veil of nightfall, provided there’s been enough light exposure.

During a nighttime gathering, our garden art became the centerpiece of the ambiance. This paint’s adaptability impressed us as we could easily apply it on various materials, from canvas to metal. The eight color options allowed for creative versatility, which is always an advantage when personalizing outdoor space.

However, achieving the desired level of brightness meant the application of several coats. Attention to detail during the process is crucial because coverage can be somewhat uneven. The glow duration varied across the hues, with some needing a refresh to maintain the sparkle throughout the event. Despite this, our guests couldn’t help but admire the enchanting glow, proving that the extra effort was worth it.

7. Fantastory Glow Paint

For evening art sessions and twilight decorations, we find the Fantastory Glow Paint set to be an imaginative choice with its mix of UV and glow-in-the-dark features.


  • Boasts both blacklight reactivity and post-charge luminescence
  • Generous quantity ensures ample supply for multiple projects
  • Confirmed non-toxic and safe for a range of creative uses


  • Glow intensity may decrease after prolonged darkness
  • May require multiple applications for optimal brightness
  • Not suitable for skin application, limiting its versatility

Upon opening the Fantastory Glow Paint, we were greeted with an assortment of vibrantly hued bottles. Shaking them as advised, we prepared to enhance our crafts with a colorful glow. The paint flowed smoothly from the container, hinting at the rich texture promised by the brand.

As the darkness settled, the charged colors began to come alive, creating enchanting effects on the stones and walls that we adorned. It’s worth noting that while the colors are striking under UV light, they do gradually fade in complete darkness, necessitating a brief recharge to restore their luminosity.

In terms of durability, the paint withstanded both indoor and outdoor conditions, a testament to its versatility as an all-purpose acrylic. However, multiple layers were necessary to achieve the bright glow we desired. Carefully painted layers yielded a glossy finish, illustrating the product’s pleasing aesthetic qualities.

To conclude, we’d recommend this set for anyone looking to inject some glowing flair into their night time decor or art projects, provided they’re prepared for the possibility of applying a few extra coats for that vivid glow.

8. SpaceBeams Glow Paint

We found the SpaceBeams paint to be a remarkable choice for anyone needing a durable and long-lasting glow for their outdoor projects.


  • Brilliant aqua glow after minimal light exposure
  • Versatile for a range of surfaces
  • Non-toxic and water-based for safe use


  • The bottle’s size may feel small for larger projects
  • Requires varnish for permanence outdoors
  • Glow intensity may vary based on light exposure

After testing this paint, we were impressed with the strong, unique bright aqua color that truly shone at night after charging with UV light. The paint applied smoothly onto different surfaces, leading to an enjoyable crafting experience. Its opaque off-white color in daylight transitions to a bright glow with ease.

We appreciated the non-toxic formula which made us feel safer while handling the project, especially when considering its use around pets and children. We found it useful that the paint is non-flammable, further adding to our peace of mind when using the product outside.

The longevity and intensity of the glow stood out; we noticed a significant glow that lasted all night on a well-prepared surface. However, we were mindful to cover our creation with varnish when used outdoors, as recommended, to preserve the paint’s glowing properties against the elements.

While we thoroughly enjoyed using this glow in the dark paint, we noted that fully charging the paint with natural light wasn’t always sufficient for an all-night glow; a UV flashlight accelerated the process admirably. Also, considering the quantity, one bottle may not suffice for large-scale projects, making it potentially costly to cover a vast area with this particular paint. If you plan a larger project, be prepared to purchase multiple bottles.

Despite these minor drawbacks, our hands-on experience with SpaceBeams Glow in the Dark Paint has confirmed its effectiveness and quality. Its luminosity and ease of use make it an outstanding option for outdoor decorations and creative endeavors.

9. GLO-X Green Glow Paint

We believe this paint is a mixed bag; its potential for brightness is there, but performance may vary depending on application and conditions.


  • Strong glow after proper charge
  • Rechargeable with light for repeated use
  • Clear paint suitable for various surfaces


  • Inconsistent glow intensity
  • High dependency on surface color and light exposure
  • Mixed reviews on longevity and performance

GLO-X Green Glow Paint offers a novel way to add visibility to objects at night. Having used this paint, its effectiveness is most prominent after a solid charge from direct sunlight or a strong light source. It’s especially handy for enhancing safety on bikes or outdoor gear.

However, the glow can be hit or miss. In our experience, a white base coat is vital for the glow to truly pop. This paint demands a pitch-dark environment to see its full potential, a detail that may not always be practical.

The longevity of the glow is another consideration. While the paint is rechargeable with light, we noticed that the strength and duration of the glow tended to vary widely. Performance seemed to depend heavily on how much light the painted object received during the day.

Overall, GLO-X Green Glow Paint has its uses, especially for creative projects that benefit from the glowing effect. But make sure to set your expectations realistically, and consider the environment where the paint will mostly be viewed to make the most out of its glowing capabilities.

10. Artme Glow Paint Set

We believe the Artme Glow Paint Set is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add vibrant, long-lasting glow to their outdoor projects.


  • High luminosity after light exposure
  • Versatile for various surfaces
  • Non-toxic and safe for use


  • May require multiple coats for optimal glow
  • Limited to two colors in the set
  • Best effect with black or LED light

Having recently worked on a set of outdoor decorations for a night event, we got our hands on the Artme Glow Paint Set. The anticipation was tangible as we prepped our materials. After applying and letting it dry, there was nothing left to do but wait for darkness to fall. It didn’t disappoint; the glow was strong and infused the space with a magical light. The acrylic formula adhered well to both wood and canvas, proving it as a reliable choice for a diverse array of projects.

But it wasn’t just about the end result. During application, we appreciated the paint’s consistency which allowed for smooth strokes without clumping. A second coat amped up the brilliance, showing off the paint’s true potential. Safety is a priority, and knowing that the Artme paint is non-toxic gave us peace of mind as we let our creativity run wild.

In an outdoor setting, elements like light play a crucial role. We noticed that the glow was most pronounced under strong black light or intense LED sources. This meant a bit of extra planning for the light setup to maximize the paint’s effect. We’d advise potential buyers who might not have access to such light sources to consider this when purchasing.

The Artme Glow Paint Set delivers a high-quality finish and a long-lasting glow, perfect for anyone who’s into nocturnal art projects or night-time events. With its easy application and striking results, we found this paint quite satisfying. Just make sure you’ve got the right lighting to see these paints at their best.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best outdoor glow in the dark paint, we must consider several features to ensure that the product meets our needs and performs well in various outdoor conditions.

Type of Glow Paint

There are two main types of glow paints: phosphorescent and fluorescent. Phosphorescent paints store light and then release it, providing a glow-in-the-dark effect, while fluorescent paints rely on ultraviolet light to emit brightness.


Durability is crucial. Our selected paint should withstand various weather conditions, from intense sun exposure to heavy rain.

FactorWhy It’s Important
Water ResistancePrevents wash-off during rainy conditions.
UV ProtectionHelps maintain glow intensity over time.
AdhesionEnsures the paint sticks well to surfaces.

Color and Brightness

Consider the paint’s color and brightness. The “glow” effect should be vibrant and last for several hours after exposure to light.

Safety and Toxicity

Safety is paramount. We’ll want to choose non-toxic, eco-friendly options, especially if we’re using the paint in spaces frequented by children and pets.

Drying and Curing Time

The paint should have a reasonable drying time that doesn’t hinder our project progress, and full curing time that ensures maximum durability once set.

By using this buying guide, we can make educated choices about the best outdoor glow in the dark paint to ensure lasting, vivid, and safe results for our projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor glow in the dark paint is versatile, but we often receive questions about its application and performance. We’ve gathered answers to the most common inquiries to assist in your next glowing project.

What surfaces can outdoor glow in the dark paint be applied to?

We can apply outdoor glow in the dark paint to various surfaces, including wood, metal, plaster, concrete, and plastic. The key is to ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any oils or other contaminants that might affect adhesion.

Is there a waterproof option for glow in the dark paint used outdoors?

Yes, there are waterproof glow in the dark paints designed for outdoor use. These specialty paints contain water-resistant ingredients that protect the glowing particles from the elements, ensuring long-lasting luminosity even after rain or snow.

How long can I expect outdoor glow in the dark paint to retain its luminosity?

Outdoor glow in the dark paint can retain its glow for up to several hours after being charged by natural or artificial light, but this varies with quality and type. Higher-end options may provide luminosity for longer periods, and recharging by exposure to light can renew the paint’s glow.

Which glow in the dark paint offers the brightest glow for outdoor use?

For the brightest glow, we recommend selecting a premium-grade paint with high-quality phosphorescent pigments. Look for brands that specifically mention high glow intensity or duration.

Can glow in the dark paint be used effectively on outdoor walls and fences?

Certainly, glow in the dark paint can be used effectively on outdoor walls and fences, enhancing visibility and adding a unique look. It’s important to apply with the correct technique and ensure the painted surface is proper for the paint type.

We advise choosing brands that are well-reviewed and specifically labeled for outdoor use to guarantee the best results. Brands like Aurora Bright Green by SpaceBeams and Ultra Green V10 by Glow are highly recommended for their superior glow and durability outdoors.