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    Love it!
    I slept under a weighted blanket at a friend’s house and decided to get my own. I don’t have any particular issue/condition the blanket is supposed to help/ease but I really like the feel of the weight. When I was wee the bedding was blankets and quilts and the weighted blanket reminds me of being ‘tucked in’. I also like the way it drapes round your body so no cold gaps, especially when you turn over. I had to watch the video to understand how to put the cover on but it worked fine. I wanted one with a cover as I think my washing machine would break with the weight of the blanket when wet.

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    Grateful for “Hug Blanket”
    Family member lost her partner and father to her 4 children. They all huddle together under the weighted’Hug Rug’ making hard and sad times feel that little bit easier

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    What a good decision to buy this. It is the most heavenly feeling to sleep under this gorgeous blanket. The weight is perfect for me and very comforting. I put mine in my duvet cover which was perfect for me. I would definitely recommend.

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    My blanket arrived extremely promptly. The quality is second to none. I have now been using my blanket for four nights and my sleep has improved as shown on my sleep time on my Fitbit app

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    Excellent, very fast delivery.

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    This is a Christmas gift quality looks great

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    I adore this blanket, I’ve been using it for many months now and I can’t sleep without it.
    My sleep improved quite a lot since I started using it, very pleased!
    Very impressed also with the quality, that is simply superb: after many months of constant use, it still looks like new.
    Finally, it is also machine washable, that’s definitively a plus.

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    I absolutely love this weighted blanket and the cover is beautiful. It has been very well made and I sleep so much better.

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    Lovely night sleep but need spare cover and they don’t do them. Loving it but only thing I think is bad is no spare cover and you can’t buy one either

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    Really improves sleep quality. Excellent quality, really soft and cosy but doesn’t make you overheat. Sleep quality much improved since using this- can fall asleep quicker.

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    Shift worker recommended! I hardly ever write reviews but this blanket has been such a game changer, I just had to. Not only a beautiful colour but so soft and arrived here so quickly and well packaged in its own bag. As a shift worker for the last 20 years, I’m now feeling the effects of regular night shifts and my sleep is all over the place. I struggle to fall asleep, normally taking over an hour to fall asleep especially after a late shift where I was normally still awake after 1am then having to be up for the school run the next day which led me to be tired and irritable. Trying to get a nap in before a nightshift had become impossible as it took me so long to go to sleep, that I was left more groggy than if I just tried to work through. All this has been helped by this blanket. From the first night of using it my sleep has improved. You have this feeling of relaxation from the moment you use it. That heavy feeling you get when your body relaxes just before you drop off, that is almost instant with this blanket. It has made napping before shifts easier and I’m no longer struggling to sleep after late shifts. This is the best thing I have ever bought. I recommend this to anyone that is having trouble falling asleep or shift workers like me whose body clocks have been effected by regular nightshifts.

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    Incredibly soft. I ordered this for my daughter. She has a number of health conditions and uses a weighted blanket at her university home, so we thought it would be a good idea for her to have one at home too as she doesn’t sleep as well here.?

    It arrives in a big secure bag and neatly packaged. It is very heavy, so be warned!

    The blanket comes with a cover, which makes washing so much easier. And the cover and blanket come with ties so it stays securely in place when its on the bed. ?

    The cover has 2 sides for sensory issues. There is a soft smooth side, the other is soft and bobbly.

    If you haven’t used a weighted blanket before, it may take a little getting used to as they are really heavy. And they are recommended for one person so not really suitable for couple unless you have one each.

    Its on par with other brands price wise. So overall I can’t give it anything other than 5 stars, and would definitely recommend it.★★★★★

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    Quality weighted blanket. RELIXIY luxury weighted single blanket 5.5kg is ideal for use by a single person in either a single or double bed. The whole package oozes quality. The blanket itself is beautifully made. The cover is designed to hold on to the blanket so the cover stays in place on the blanket. Instructions are clear. So does it work?

    This is a really lovely aid for sleep. For those suffering from anxiety or PTSD from working on the frontline, this offers some relief and helps my wife to get some sleep at last. Thank you for an excellent product Relixiy. Highly recommended.

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    BEAUTIFULLY MADE, PROFESSIONALLY FINISHED. CAREFUL CONSIDERATION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO SIZE TO BUY. This blanket really is weighted. It arrives in a tailormade holdall style bag which can be used for transportation or storing the blanket. It contains the beautiful, extremely well made and finished blanket, and a very tactile cover. The cover is rich purply blue and textured with little nodules on one side and a soft, tactile, silver grey on the reverse side. The colours kind of give it that clinical/professional look which may or may not be intentional, but neither colour sits particularly well with the softer, warm, pastel and neutral colours in my home. I think they are better suited to a more contemporary, minimalistic and cooler toned setting. It is however, extremely tactile and comforting which is the intention here. To fit the blanket fairly easily, one opens the bi- directional zips at the bottom of the cover; another nice feature; and turns the cover inside to out to lay it flat. This reveals evenly spaced laces around the edges of the cover. When the quilt is placed flat on top of the reversed cover, there are corresponding loops around the quilt, through which one passes one end of the two ended loops and gently ties to secure with a easily opened bow as in tying a shoelace. The tying loops actually have shoelace tips, which make them easy to pass through the loops. Again a nice, carefully thought out touch with no skimping. Once tied, one holds up the blanket and turns the cover back out the correct way by a series of pulling and shaking the cover down. This is where the weight of the blanket is really noticed, but it is manageable. Two people at this stage will make this task quicker and easier. Placing the blanket on the bed and the blanket is ready for use. It can be used on top of a sheet ( my preference), or under or over a quilt or indeed just as it is with nothing else. My house is always very warm and on trying the blanket I personally found it to be a bit on the warm side, but it certainly snuggled in and around me and brought back memories from childhood when I would ask my grandmother if I could have her eiderdown on some nights and she would indulge me! Snuggled with a little weight over me and ” snug and secure like a bug in a rug” to use an old phrase. Unfortunately I was only able to try a single size as a vine customer and could not chose a kingsize that I would have chosen. The enclosed leaflet (or was it the advert on Amazon?) showed the single as being ok on a king size bed but, as the blanket should only extend a little over the bed, then the blanket placed in this way encroaches considerably upon a potential partner’s side of the bed. This also would either require a partner to have the original kingsize (British king/ American/Canadian Queen) quilt doubled over them or switch completely to a single contiental quilt requiring more room-coordinated bedding. Not such an unobtrusive look in a previously coordinated room. In my opinion, if you only purchase a single weighted blanket, then sleep in a single bed. If you share a larger bed with a partner, then buy the appropriately sized weighted blanket and both sleep under it. If the purple or grey colour does not suit you decor, then you can fit it all inside your originally chosen quilt cover. This is a lovely blanket to sleep under, creating cosiness and a sense of childhood security. Time alone will tell if sleeping patterns improve. I certainly do not think it will make them any worse. The price is acceptable for such a well made, well thought out blanket. For many though it will need to be a well considered purchase. I advise taking time to think well about how it will be used and choosing the size which will be most appropriate to your needs, the size of your bed, and the needs of your partner if you have one. I personally do not feel that the single is appropriately sized for use in a shared kingsize bed for reasons I have described. Much better to buy the kingsize blanket for the kingsize bed.

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    So the description states this is a:-
    Luxury weighted blanket 153x203cm 6.8kg – king/double size – includes soft & washable removable cover – heavy blanket for stress relief, anxiety blanket, sensory calming blanket.

    “A weighted blanket uses “pressure therapy” — using a calm-inducing amount of pressure on your entire body, similar to the feeling of being hugged, swaddled, stroked, or held. The right size and weight of a weighted blanket depend on the person’s needs.
    Calm your nerves:- Pressure from the blanket may trigger nervous system responses that lower your heart rate and breathing when you’re anxious. This can help you calm down and sleep. Weighted blankets could also help you stop tossing and turning in bed, so you lie still and go to sleep.”

    I got it for my other half who was stressed and had anxiety about going back to work after lockdown. After his first noght sleep with this alone his fit bit says he had 2hours deep sleep and 7 hours altogether, which is unheard of befor. We checked all passed reading and for 2 years he’s never had 2hrs deep sleep recorded.
    Its now a form favourite and sleeps with it every night.
    The bigger bonus for me is the fact it comes with a removable cover. And the genius who thought of putting all the ties inside.
    The blanket and the cover have 13 matching ties so it holds the blanket in place so it don’t get lost in the cover.
    Just need to open up and undo the ties and wash. The cover is lovely and soft too. One side is plain while the other is textured.
    I can’t say how overwhelmed I am that this has helped.
    Thumbs up big time.
    Highly recommended…

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    Must have it! Im so glad that I got this blanket.
    All my life I was having problem to choose the correct blanket. I like when the blanket is very heavy, so usually I buy them with a high tog, so was very hot under it, specially summer time.
    Finally my problem is sorted now.
    Under this blanket in not hot, can say is perfect and will suit for any type of weather. When will be cold, the blanket will make me hot and other way.
    Also I feel very safe with this weighted blanket.
    I do recommend it to all with the same problem as I use to have.
    Definetly worth to buy it.

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    Awesome! Firstly this is exceptional quality, both the weighted blanket and the cover. The cover is luxuriously soft and the textured side is incredibly comforting. The plush cover added means it’s warm enough to leave your duvet off, it would be far too warm with our winter duvet on, that’s for sure! The grey side is cooler but I’ve only needed to turn it once so far. There was some adjustment time as I have fibromyalgia and my husband has osteoarthritis but once we learned to turn more often the blanket didn’t add to our pain. In fact, the extra rest we get means we feel better throughout the day. They are hard work to get into the cover to start with, but my husband and did that. The weight of moving the blanket took a few days to get used to but we adapted quickly. I would like a choice of covers though, the grey side doesn’t look bad with my plum bedding but the blue looks odd! I will definitely need some other options during summer as the cover will be too warm. I’m lucky to have a sister who’s brilliant at custom sewing, so if I can’t find other covers to suit she will make them.

    I’ve taken a week to use this before reviewing and we love it so much we just packed our duvet away. My pain therapist recommended a weighted blanket before Covid happened but I couldn’t understand how it would help. The sleep side I understood if I didn’t have constant fibromyalgia pain. After sessions stopped because of Covid I did some research and they are very popular in fibromyalgia support groups, although some didn’t get on with them. That left me undecided still so I welcomed the opportunity to try one and see for myself.

    The weight was an issue for the first few days, for my wrists especially, but the weight means the blanket doesn’t move everywhere so you only need to lift back the top. We both quickly adjusted and we couldn’t be without it now. We both suffer with anxiety but we have different sleep issues. My husband could sleep anywhere but his diabetes causes restlessness and he kicks his legs about half the night. As I have fibromyalgia insomnia I only sleep once I start nodding off and if I miss that cue that’s it. It had got to the point I only got to sleep when he left for work after 5 am. I have started a few extra measures that are helping me get to sleep, but this has made me want to go back to sleep once I wake for the toilet. This keeps you feeling comforted, secure, cosy and makes sleep appealing again. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to lie in bed after waking because it’s too comfortable to get out. It has also helped us both turn regularly as it supports you too. My hernia means I rarely turn but it puts extra pressure on my left hip sleeping one side and that means I can’t sleep for long. My husband favoured one side to which was putting extra pressure on his bad hip. We quickly learnt we need to turn to even the weight and the blanket helps my hernia too with gentle pressure. My husband still tries to kick his legs in his sleep but he meets resistance and stops. It’s meant I can get to sleep too and he’s practically in one place until he wakes to turn!

    It’s hard to describe the way this hugs you and keeps you feeling secure. I did think it reminds me of when I was a child. We had blankets and by winter you had many of them on, and an eiderdown! It was heavy but you never wanted to get out on a morning. It makes me think lightweight duvets might cause the sleep issues that seem common now. I’m not sure how we will fare in warmer months but if it’s too warm I will try a lighter weight. We couldn’t be without this now, it’s worth every penny of the price.

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    Love The Weighted Blanket though it appears I over paid for it now. The weighted blanket does take a bit of getting used to though it does help me sleep compared to how I struggled before.
    Disappointing to see the price reduce by £30 in 2 weeks since I placed my order.

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    Was sceptical but been proved wrong. It is heavy but quickly got used to it. I have slept better. It has definitely helped with painful restless legs allowing me to get to sleep much quicker than I had been experiencing before the blanket. Thank fully not to hot which was my concern. Definitely helped when anxious – glad I purchased this blanket. Very pleased – Thank you

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    Perfect. Gift for my sleep deprived adult son who tried it out and accidentally fell asleep. Does what it says on the tin. Wonderful customer service. Happy days.

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Weighted Blanket Reviews Highlights

So you want to know what people in the UK think about the Relixiy® weighted anxiety blanket… you are in the right place! On this page, you can find a collection of our ethical weighted blanket UK reviews. Here are some highlights from our customer’s weighted blanket reviews:

★★★★★ “I adore this blanket… I can’t sleep without it. My sleep improved quite a lot since I started using it, very pleased!” by A. H. 

★★★★★ “The blanket is great!, I am so happy that I decided to give it a try” by Elena.

★★★★★ “Brilliant! … I already started to sleep better” by Francesco.

★★★★★ “Super comfy… I’ve now slept two nights under it and it DOES feel amazing!” by Max.

What are the best weighted blankets UK?

Relixiy ® has the best average review rating in the United Kingdom, with hundreds of happy customers and an ever-growing number of enthusiast 5-star reviews.

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Our weighted duvets are very cozy, for the most comfortable hug during your night’s sleep. Enjoy the comfort of our luxury cover, made of super plush fabric for cloud-like coziness!

Do Weighted Blankets Work For Anxiety?

Weighted blankets can help with anxiety. Recent research from the University of Massachusets shows that after using an anxiety blanket for only 5 minutes “63% reported lower anxiety after use, and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality”.

Are Weighted Blankets Good For You?

Thanks to deep pressure stimulation, weighted blankets can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and help you feel safe and relaxed. Their calming and deeply comforting effect can contribute to a more restful sleep.

The Relixy® weighted blankets with glass beads can also be very beneficial for fibromyalgia, Autism, restless legs, PTSD, pain relief, and much more!

How do weighted blankets work?

Weighted blankets use deep touch pressure stimulation to naturally stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness (serotonin), increase the hormone regulating sleep (melatonin), and reduce the stress hormone (cortisol). This helps to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide an overall feeling of safety and relaxation.


Weighted blankets are a very useful aid for sleep and also an extremely popular thoughtful gift. The thousands of weighted blanket reviews in the UK and worldwide are clearly showing how people are benefiting from these blankets.

Weighted blanket can help both healthy people and patients to improve sleep, get more energy in their lives and be happier. Their benefits in calming anxiety and lowering stress levels are the ultimate mental health life hack.

This includes also reviews from fibromyalgia patients and how they benefited from sleeping with a weighted blanket. When it comes to chronic pain, weighted blankets for fibromyalgia can be a useful non-drug treatment for pain relief.

Our weighted blanket reviews show how enthusiast our UK customers are about the results they are achieving by simply sleeping with it! Get the same results now by purchasing the Relixiy® weighted blanket now!

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