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Relixiy Weighted Blanket Reviews

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    Weight. Didn’t get on with it . To heavy for me to move as I have arthritic hands . So perhaps just not for me . I do ready up for weight to body weight but think I should have bought the ligetest.

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    Not convinced. There are a few things to say about this. Generally it feels like a quality product, well made and well designed and as a concept it may well work for some people. I didn’t find it comfortable but then I never have any problems sleeping under a duvet. I gave it to my partner, who suffers from stress, various aches, and insomnia. She didn’t like it, largely because she didn’t like the slippery feel of the material.

    The process for putting the blanket into the cover is complicated and not helped by the instructions. The video seems to have been made to convince you it is easy rather than to actually instruct you. Make absolutely sure to turn the cover inside out before you start and don’t be misled by the instruction to tie the loops “if there are any”. If there aren’t any, that means you need to start again as you are heading for a horrendous muddle. Once you figure it out, it doesn’t take that long but mine certainly didn’t look nearly as neat and crease-free as theirs and I wondered if wouldn’t be easier just to stuff the blanket into the cover the same way that you do with a duvet.

    At the staggering price of £80 I can’t positively recommend it. I will update if this verdict changes with more testing.

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Weighted Blanket Reviews Highlights

So you want to know what people in the UK think about the Relixiy® weighted anxiety blanket… you are in the right place! On this page, you can find a collection of our ethical weighted blanket UK reviews. Here are some highlights from our customer’s weighted blanket reviews:

★★★★★ “I adore this blanket… I can’t sleep without it. My sleep improved quite a lot since I started using it, very pleased!” by A. H. 

★★★★★ “The blanket is great!, I am so happy that I decided to give it a try” by Elena.

★★★★★ “Brilliant! … I already started to sleep better” by Francesco.

★★★★★ “Super comfy… I’ve now slept two nights under it and it DOES feel amazing!” by Max.

What are the best weighted blankets UK?

Relixiy ® has the best average review rating in the United Kingdom, with hundreds of happy customers and an ever-growing number of enthusiast 5-star reviews.

★★★★★ based on 72 customer reviews

You can buy the best weighted blanket in the UK in our shop and enjoy a fast 1-2 business day delivery in the UK.

Our weighted duvets are very cozy, for the most comfortable hug during your night’s sleep. Enjoy the comfort of our luxury cover, made of super plush fabric for cloud-like coziness!

Do Weighted Blankets Work For Anxiety?

Weighted blankets can help with anxiety. Recent research from the University of Massachusets shows that after using an anxiety blanket for only 5 minutes “63% reported lower anxiety after use, and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality”.

Are Weighted Blankets Good For You?

Thanks to deep pressure stimulation, weighted blankets can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and help you feel safe and relaxed. Their calming and deeply comforting effect can contribute to a more restful sleep.

The Relixy® weighted blankets with glass beads can also be very beneficial for fibromyalgia, Autism, restless legs, PTSD, pain relief, and much more!

How do weighted blankets work?

Weighted blankets use deep touch pressure stimulation to naturally stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness (serotonin), increase the hormone regulating sleep (melatonin), and reduce the stress hormone (cortisol). This helps to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide an overall feeling of safety and relaxation.


Weighted blankets are a very useful aid for sleep and also an extremely popular thoughtful gift. The thousands of weighted blanket reviews in the UK and worldwide are clearly showing how people are benefiting from these blankets.

Weighted blanket can help both healthy people and patients to improve sleep, get more energy in their lives and be happier. Their benefits in calming anxiety and lowering stress levels are the ultimate mental health life hack.

This includes also reviews from fibromyalgia patients and how they benefited from sleeping with a weighted blanket. When it comes to chronic pain, weighted blankets for fibromyalgia can be a useful non-drug treatment for pain relief.

Our weighted blanket reviews show how enthusiast our UK customers are about the results they are achieving by simply sleeping with it! Get the same results now by purchasing the Relixiy® weighted blanket now!

Sleep better, calm anxiety, get back your dreams and be happy!