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How Weighted Blankets Can Help Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is often a mental condition with physical symptoms. This can be the result of a shortage of dopamine (an important neurotransmitter), which can cause involuntary muscle movements. The symptoms of RLS tend to get worse at night because at that time the dopamine levels are naturally lower than during the day.

Weighted blankets can help with restless legs thanks to deep pressure stimulation. Their therapeutic effect helps to naturally stimulate the production of dopamine and of the hormone of happiness (serotonin). This is coupled with an increase in the hormone regulating sleep (melatonin) and a reduction of the stress hormone (cortisol), helping to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide an overall feeling of safety and relaxation.

The Relixiy® weighted blanket will give you a feeling of safety and relaxation like no other. You will love our blanket so much that you will pack your old duvet away.

Weighted Blankets can help with restless legs

The heavy blanket’s pressure on your legs can help reduce RLS movements. Our weighted blanket can help to deliver a constant and uniform pressure on restless legs, helping to reduce involuntary movements. If needed, you can also increase the pressure on the legs by simply folding the blanket on top of the legs.

The gentle pressure of our heavy blanket on the rest of your body will keep you feeling comforted, cosy, and secure, making it very appealing for you to fall asleep again even if you wake up due to some external noise. You will not remember the last time you couldn’t fall asleep after waking up at night, because it is just so comfortable and relaxing under our blanket.

Think about when you were a child, do you remember that feeling of warmth and safety you enjoyed in winter when sleeping under many blankets? That’s how it feels to sleep under the comforting hug of a Relixiy® weighted blanket.

Wouldn’t be nice to experience that feeling again? Now it’s possible thanks to Relixiy®.

There’s just one difference, our blanket will keep you comfortably warm when it’s cold and the other way around when is hot. Our anxiety blanket can achieve this thanks to its exclusive design with 7 breathable layers, making it perfect for any type of weather.

With the plush cover on, the blanket will still be very breathable but also warm enough to leave your duvet off during cold nights.

Sensory Weighted blanket in UK, with features: double-sided sensory cover, super comfy, made to last, silent glass beads, perfect relaxation, 100% cotton

Get exceptional quality for both the weighted insert and the cover with Relixiy®, the best weighted blanket in the UK.

The fabric of our blanket and cover is the finest on the market, for an incredibly soft feeling on your skin. The removable cover is luxuriously soft and the textured side is incredibly comforting.

Enjoy the double-sided luxury cover: smooth silver grey on one side and navy with imperial purple shades on the wobbled side. The texture on the 2 sides is different to give you a different sensory experience depending on which side you decide to have on your skin.

Join Hundreds Of Happy Relixiy
UK Weighted Blanket Owners!​

Here are just a few of our anxiety blanket reviews.

Have a look at the results that our customers were able to achieve by simply sleeping with our heavy blanket. You can get those improvements as well!

★★★★★ “This blanket has been such a game changer”​

Verified Review

“Shift worker recommended! I hardly ever write reviews but this blanket has been such a game changer, I just had to… From the first night of using it my sleep has improved. You have this feeling of relaxation from the moment you use it. That heavy feeling you get when your body relaxes just before you drop off, that is almost instant with this blanket.

It has made napping before shifts easier and I’m no longer struggling to sleep after late shifts. This is the best thing I have ever bought. I recommend this to anyone that is having trouble falling asleep or shift workers like me whose body clocks have been affected by regular nightshifts.”

by Joanna MacGregor​

★★★★★ For those suffering from anxiety or PTSD

Verified Review

“… This is a really lovely aid for sleep. For those suffering from anxiety or PTSD from working on the frontline, this offers some relief and helps my wife to get some sleep at last. Thank you for an excellent product Relixiy. Highly recommended.”

by Nozza

★★★★★ “2 hours deep sleep and 7 hours altogether”

Verified Review

“I got it for my other half who was stressed and had anxiety about going back to work after lockdown. After his first night’s sleep with this alone his fit bit says he had 2 hours of deep sleep and 7 hours altogether, which is unheard of before. We checked all passed readings and for 2 years he’s never had 2hrs deep sleep recorded…

The bigger bonus for me is the fact it comes with a removable cover… Just need to open up and undo the ties and wash. The cover is lovely and soft too. One side is plain while the other is textured.
I can’t say how overwhelmed I am that this has helped.
Thumbs up big time. Highly recommended.”

by Sopaholic

The most thoughtful gift For Restless legs: Weighted Blanket

A Relixiy® weighted blanket is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could make to your loved ones with restless legs. Because a more restful sleep and a better quality of life are the best presents you could give them for their wellbeing.

Can you imagine that every time your loved ones will go to bed they will experience that comforting feeling of safety and relaxation? Isn’t that an amazing thought? All of this while also enjoying the unique comfort and luxury feel of the Relixiy® blanket!

The therapeutic effect of our weighted blanket is ideal for restless legs. Because reducing stress and anxiety, sleeping well, and calmness are important factors of a person’s well-being and can help with RLS.

Many people affected by restless legs syndrome are using a weighted blanket every night. In many cases, the blanket helps them tremendously to calm down involuntary movements and get much better sleep. Moreover, the beneficial pressure of the heavy blanket on the legs can be combined with compression socks, which also can work wonders for RLS.

Enjoying a gifted Relixiy weighted blanket

In addition, with Relixiy® you will also be helping out the less fortunate in the UK thanks to our amazing charity partner. Because Relixiy® is a thoughtful gift that can communicate important things that you may not usually take the time to say.

E-Book & Travel Bag Included for FREE

All of our weighted blankets are coming with an included travel bag and free access to the exclusive e-book from Lisa (Certified Life Coach).

UK Weighted blanket for adults with travel bag and ebook

While for most people a Relixiy® weighted blanket is the only thing needed to melt away their sleep, anxiety or stress-related problems, in some cases it may be necessary to add a few more life hacks. Those will help especially when you don’t have your blanket readily available.

In her e-book, Lisa will reveal her secret life hacks that, coupled with the Relixiy blanket, she used to completely get rid of her stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

The package is also including an information and instruction booklet with everything you need to know about how to use your new blanket.

Woman sleeping with a weighted blanket for adults and teenagers

Weighted Blanket Reviews UK

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Our weighted blanket for adults is the best in the UK for sleep quality and restless legs (RLS). It already helped hundreds of people to enjoy restoring calmness to the mind and body. Our weighted blanket with glass beads and cover can help also with other conditions, like fibromyalgia, autism, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, and more. Get the Relixiy® weighted duvet, melt away anxiety and improve sleep now!