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11 Best Meat Slicers for Jerky [2024 Picks]

For jerky aficionados, a meat slicer is a game-changer, ensuring uniform slices for perfect texture and drying. When hunting for the best meat slicer for jerky, consider the motor’s power, blade quality, safety features, and ease of cleaning. Adjustable thickness settings are vital for tailoring slices to your jerky recipe.

Our review zeroes in on slicers that deliver precision, durability, and ease of use, helping you choose a tool that will transform your jerky-making process, enhancing flavor and consistency in every batch.

Best Meat Slicers for Jerky

In our quest for the ideal jerky-making experience, we have curated a selection of meat slicers that stand out for their precision, durability, and ease of use. Understanding that even slices are crucial for consistent drying and flavor, our focus has been on identifying slicers that offer reliable performance and adjustability for all your jerky preparation needs.

Whether you are a seasoned jerky maker or experimenting for the first time, we believe these slicers will elevate your craft.

1. Weston Jerky Slicer

We find this slicer to be essential for jerky enthusiasts who crave efficiency and consistency in their homemade jerky preparation.


  • Slices meat into perfect strips rapidly
  • Accommodates large cuts with ease
  • Simple to clamp onto surfaces for stability


  • Cleaning is somewhat involved
  • Not ideal for meats with higher fat content
  • Assembly and disassembly require attention

Using the Weston Jerky Slicer has transformed our jerky-making sessions. Its 32 stainless steel blades create uniform .25-inch strips in no time. We’ve fit large 5-inch wide chunks of meat with no struggle, slicing through tougher cuts like butter.

Mounting the slicer to our workbench was breeze with its built-in C-clamp; this steadiness is crucial when we’re powering through pounds of meat. Along with the stability, the design of this slicer means we can produce consistent jerky each and every time we use it, with minimal variability in slice thickness.

Nevertheless, after slicing, cleaning is mandatory, and it does take some elbow grease to keep the blades pristine. Meats with a high fat content can cause some annoyance, as they tend to gum up the works. On top of that, getting to know the ins and outs of assembly is a learning curve, but one we’ve quickly gotten used to. All in all, the extra effort is a small trade-off for the reliability and quality of cut we get from this slicer.

2. Beef Jerky Slicing Kit

We find that the Beef Jerky Slicing Kit is a reliable choice for home chefs looking to create uniform slices of jerky with ease.


  • Enables consistent thickness for jerky slices
  • Knife included is razor-sharp right out of the box
  • Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning


  • Meat can slide around during slicing
  • Knife lacks a protective cover
  • Some parts might feel less durable due to plastic construction

Once we took the slicing kit out of the packaging, its user-friendliness was immediately apparent. The board along with the knife made quick work of slicing meat, providing us with uniform pieces that were perfect for jerky. Its adjustable thickness feature allowed us to customize our slices exactly the way we wanted them.

The knife’s sharpness impressed us right from the start, simplifying the process of cutting through tough meats. However, we noticed the knife didn’t come with a protective cover, so we had to be extra cautious when storing it to avoid any accidents.

The simplicity of cleaning this kit was a huge plus for us. After using, we popped the dishwasher-safe components in the dishwasher, and they came out clean without any hassle. We found a minor inconvenience in meat sliding on the board, but placing a non-slip mat underneath fixed the issue. Although we noticed some parts of the kit were plastic, it didn’t particularly affect performance, but we wondered about long-term durability.

Overall, our experience with the Beef Jerky Slicing Kit was positive, making the jerky preparation process much more efficient and pleasurable.

3. Shop-Ezy Jerky Slicer

We believe this meat slicer is a solid choice for anyone serious about making jerky at home due to its precision and ease of use.


  • Slices meat evenly for consistent drying
  • Knife glides smoothly through meat
  • Easy to clean and adjust for thickness


  • Edges may be sharp and require sanding
  • Not suitable for frozen meats
  • Knife may require frequent sharpening

Having put the Shop-Ezy Jerky Slicer to use in our kitchen, we found its ability to create even slices for jerky particularly impressive. The consistency in thickness is crucial for dehydrating meat properly, and this slicer delivers on that front. With a few quick adjustments, we were able to customize the thickness to our preference effortlessly.

The included 10-inch knife is a standout feature. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that’s not only durable but also retains its sharpness after multiple uses. Slicing through beef for our jerky was almost effortless. As for the clean-up, it couldn’t have been simpler. The stainless steel construction means it washes off cleanly, leaving no residue behind.

On the downside, we noticed that some parts of the slicer came with edges sharp enough to warrant caution. It’s a minor inconvenience that can be resolved with a bit of sanding, but it’s something to be aware of. Also, while the knife is sharp, frequent use might require you to hone the blade to maintain its cutting efficiency.

Overall, the Shop-Ezy Jerky Slicer has been a reliable tool in our jerky-making process. It’s efficient, easy to handle, and proves to be quite versatile, not just for meats but also for slicing fruits for dehydration. If you’re venturing into making homemade jerky, this slicer is definitely worth considering.

4. TooGooD Jerky Slicer

If you’re in the market for a versatile meat slicer that can handle both tenderizing and slicing with ease, this TooGooD model has got you covered.


  • Multipurpose with tenderizing and slicing capabilities
  • Strong build and stability ensured by its heavy-duty clamps
  • Simple disassembly for straightforward cleaning


  • Limited to only 9 reviews, making widespread performance confirmation harder
  • Manual operation may be strenuous for some users
  • May require additional tools for cleaning effectively

Having recently used the TooGooD Jerky Slicer, we were immediately impressed by its solid construction. The die-cast aluminum feels durable and should stand up well to repeated use. The dual blade assemblies—one for tenderizing and one for slicing—are also notable; switching between the two is a breeze, which is handy for preparing large batches of jerky.

Stability is important when you’re working with raw meat, and the clamps on this model hold it firmly in place. It’s reassuring to know that the slicer won’t move around, allowing us to slice with precision. The meat we’ve tenderized and sliced has turned out exactly as expected, maintaining good form and ready for cooking or dehydrating.

Clean-up is another critical aspect, and this model handles it well. It disassembles easily, though we found that using a large dish brush was the quickest way to clean those blades. However, keep in mind that this is a manual slicer, so it will require some elbow grease. If you have large quantities to process, be ready for a workout.

In summary, the TooGooD Jerky Slicer is a robust addition to our kitchen tools, proving especially useful for those who value the quality of freshly sliced meats. With the ability to tenderize and slice, it’s a multifunctional piece that adds efficiency to our food prep routine.

5. Shop-Ezy Slicer Combo

We believe this slicer is a must-have for jerky enthusiasts looking for uniform slices and ease of use.


  • Uniform slices guarantee ideal drying for safe jerky consumption.
  • Superb blade quality ensures precise, effortless cuts.
  • Slip-resistant board is versatile for meats and other foods.


  • Only useful for non-frozen meats, limiting some applications.
  • Might be tricky for beginners to maneuver initially.
  • Absence of a hand protector might be a safety concern for some.

Crafting jerky at home just got simpler with the Shop-Ezy Slicer Combo. In our test, the ultra-sharp 10-inch blade glided through the meat like butter, creating uniform slices essential for consistent drying and flavor. We sliced not just beef for jerky but also precisely trimmed fruits for dehydrating, all with this one tool.

The strength of the stainless steel blade impressed us greatly; it held its edge through multiple sessions, requiring minimal maintenance. Additionally, the polypropylene board with its handy thickness guides contributed to an efficient slicing process, although it’s worth noting, we couldn’t use it with frozen meats.

Cleaning up was a breeze. Both the slicer and board washed off easily, a real plus for us after a long jerky-making session. While we appreciated the sturdiness and easy storage of the set, we did miss having a hand protector, something to consider for those who prioritize safety during their culinary adventures.

6. Borlebbi Electric Food Slicer

We recommend the Borlebbi Electric Food Slicer for home chefs who need a reliable tool to create consistent slices of jerky, cheese, and more.


  • Consistently thin slices make perfect jerky
  • Simple disassembly aids in quick cleaning
  • The 200-watt motor efficiently handles various foods


  • Not suited for heavy-duty, commercial tasks
  • Some parts may feel less durable
  • Can be a bit cumbersome to move due to weight

Having sliced an array of meat cuts for our homemade jerky, we can vouch for the precision that the thickness control knob provides. Adjusting it is a breeze, which is crucial for achieving that perfect jerky chew.

We appreciate how the dual blades tackle different slicing tasks—switch between the serrated for crusty bread and the smooth for tender roast beef. It seems that Borlebbi understands the value of versatility in the kitchen.

Cleaning up after prepping ingredients is often a hassle, but with this slicer, it’s not the case. Its seamless design and removable parts made cleanup straightforward, a much-needed convenience after lengthy kitchen sessions.

7. Shop-Ezy Jerky Slicer

We think this slicer is a fantastic choice for homemade jerky enthusiasts looking for safety and consistency in their meat preparation.


  • Delivers uniform slices that enhance the quality and safety of your jerky
  • Includes a very sharp chef’s knife and adjustable spacers for various thickness preferences
  • Easy cleanup as the cutting board is dishwasher safe


  • Can be a bit tricky to achieve the thinnest slices desired for jerky
  • Slicing mechanism may require finessing to avoid uneven cutting
  • Not the best choice for those seeking an ultra-sharp professional-grade knife

Our recent experience with the Shop-Ezy Jerky Slicer has been positive, especially when aiming for that perfect uniform cure across all slices of jerky. The included chef’s knife, although not on par with the most expensive cutlery, was surprisingly sharp and made quick work of slicing through the meat. We appreciated the versatility provided by the adjustable spacers, allowing us to customize the thickness of our jerky slices.

What sets this slicer apart is its focus on safety. The well-designed guide rails kept our hands clear of the blade, which is a significant plus for any home cook. The ease with which this slicer can be cleaned is another benefit – just detach the board and pop it into the dishwasher.

However, if you’re a stickler for ultra-thin slices, you may need to practice a bit or tweak the setup, as achieving paper-thin cuts out-of-the-box could be challenging. Also, we noticed that achieving consistent thickness sometimes required a steadying hand, possibly due to the space between the slicer’s rails.

Overall, our experience aligns well with its purpose. While there’s a slight learning curve, the safety features, ease of use, and included accessories make the Shop-Ezy Jerky Slicer an overall great value. Its convenience and efficiency in creating delicious, evenly-cooked jerky could very well make it the new favorite tool of jerky lovers.

8. OSTBA Meat Slicer

We think this slicer is a solid choice for anyone looking to make jerky at home, due to its reliable slicing and easy cleaning.


  • Effortless to clean with removable parts
  • Precise thickness control for perfect jerky
  • Safety features prevent accidental starts


  • Cleaning the debris buildup can be slightly tricky
  • Needs both hands to operate safety lock and power
  • Manual cleaning only, not dishwasher safe

Just used the OSTBA slicer for a batch of homemade jerky, and the adjustable thickness was a game-changer. It was simple to set it to just the right thickness for perfect drying. The stainless steel blade sailed through the meat without hesitation, giving us slices as uniform as any professional deli we’ve seen.

After slicing, we appreciated how the design considered cleanliness. Every part that needed washing was easily detached, making the cleanup much less of a chore. Despite the nooks and crannies that needed attention, it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the product.

We must mention, though, that managing the slicer takes attention to safety. You can’t start slicing without pressing both the lock and power button, an excellent feature to prevent accidents, especially around curious kids. While some might see this as inconvenient, we view it as a thoughtful addition to kitchen safety.

9. LOVEJO Meat Slicer

If you’re in the market for a no-fuss, sturdy slicer that can tackle everything from jerky to cheese, this LOVEJO model is a solid bet.


  • Effortlessly slices through various types of meat and cheese
  • High-grade stainless steel ensures durability
  • Precision cutting for that perfect slice of jerky


  • Manual operation may require more effort than electric models
  • Needs regular sharpening to maintain the sharp blade
  • Potentially limited to lighter-duty tasks despite heavy-duty claims

We’ve recently had the opportunity to put the LOVEJO Manual Meat Slicer to the test, and our experience has been largely positive. Its performance stands out when handling different foods. Whether it’s crafting the perfect jerky or offering up evenly sliced cheese, this tool does not disappoint.

Its construction is commendable, with stainless steel that speaks volumes about its longevity. Heavier cuts of meat and dense loaves of bread surrender to the slicer’s blade with surprising ease. The device has a feel of quality that makes us confident it’ll be a fixture in our kitchen for a long time.

On the flip side, we do notice the effort required with its manual operation. While the control over slice thickness is appreciated, those looking for convenience may find the manual handle a bit tedious for larger batches. Also, the sharpness of the blade is astounding initially, but regular maintenance is crucial to keep it in top condition. That said, for the dedicated cook, these are minor setbacks compared to the control and quality of cut this slicer provides.

10. LEM Jerky Slicer

If you’re seeking a robust slicer for homemade jerky with added tenderizing capabilities, this is the tool for the task.


  • Versatile with easy switching from slicing to tenderizing
  • Produces uniform jerky slices rapidly
  • Durable aluminum construction and easy to clean


  • Might be cumbersome for small batches
  • Initial cleaning is somewhat demanding
  • Requires a grinder for operation

We recently had the opportunity to use the LEM Jerky Slicer and it delivered impressive performance. The device attached effortlessly to our grinder, and its solid build felt reassuringly sturdy during use. We effortlessly sliced through a large batch of meat, obtaining even strips perfect for dehydrating into jerky, which is a testament to its top-notch slicing capacity.

Switching to tenderizing mode was a breeze – just a quick swap of the rollers and a transformation took place. The tougher cuts of meat were softened wonderfully, enhancing their texture and taste. It was a joy not having to labor over manually tenderizing meats, a part of meal prep we often find tedious.

Cleaning up post-use, we appreciated how the parts disassembled. Though reaching every nook to ensure it’s ready for its next use took a bit of effort, it’s a small price to pay for the efficiency it provides during the slicing phase. It’s clear after using the LEM Jerky Slicer that it’s a superb choice for hunters, home processors, or anyone who values making their jerky or tenderized steaks at home.

11. Befen Manual Meat Slicer

We believe the Befen Manual Meat Slicer is a valuable addition to any kitchen for those who enjoy making jerky or thin meat slices at home, given its efficiency and durability.


  • Slices frozen meat effortlessly, providing uniform pieces for consistent cooking
  • Strong stainless steel construction enhances its lifespan and reliability
  • Manual operation gives you complete control over slice thickness


  • Suction cups might lack the necessary grip on certain surfaces
  • Manual effort is required, which may not suit everyone
  • Occasionally, the meat holder may be tricky to use effectively

After recently putting the Befen meat slicer to work, the preparation for our jerky was notably straightforward. The adjustable settings allowed us to slice our frozen meat into perfect thin strips, making the meat ideal for dehydrating. Its manual operation meant we could tweak the thickness to our liking, which is something you can’t always achieve with electric models.

The slicer’s stainless steel body felt robust and was easy to wipe down after use, which we found convenient for maintaining cleanliness. The thickness control provided a versatile range, from paper-thin for hot pot dishes to slightly thicker cuts perfect for our jerky, ensuring the device’s utility across various recipes.

We noticed some users might find it challenging to secure the slicer firmly, as the included suction cups did not adhere to all countertop materials. Moreover, we advise users to be mindful when handling and cleaning the sharp blade to maintain safety.

In conclusion, while there’s a bit of a learning curve to using the Befen Meat Slicer correctly, once we got the hang of it, it became an indispensable tool for our kitchen. It allowed us to prepare ingredients quickly and precisely, which is essential when you’re making something as delicate as jerky.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best meat slicer to prepare jerky, we must consider several key features to ensure that we get a reliable and efficient product.

Blade Size & Material

The blade size dictates the size of meat it can handle. Typically, a blade size between 7 to 10 inches is suitable for home use. We should look for a slicer with a stainless-steel blade for durability and easier maintenance.

Power & Speed

A slicer’s power is measured in watts. More power means the slicer can handle tougher meats without bogging down. Variable speed control allows us to customize slicing according to the meat’s toughness.

Thickness Adjustment

The ability to adjust slice thickness is critical. We want a slicer that can go from very thin (for traditional jerky) to thicker slices, with a control that is easy to adjust.

Safety Features

We prioritize safety features such as a blade guard, non-slip feet, and a food pusher. These features protect our hands and keep the slicer stable during use.

Ease of Cleaning

We should consider slicers that are easy to clean, preferably with removable parts, to ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance without too much hassle.


Construction materials such as stainless steel and die-cast aluminum typically offer better durability. A well-built slicer can be a long-term investment for our jerky-making endeavors.

FeatureWhat to Look for
Blade Size & Material7-10 inches, Stainless Steel
Power & SpeedHigh wattage, Variable speed control
Thickness AdjustmentEasy-to-adjust control for thin to thick slices
Safety FeaturesBlade guard, Non-slip feet, Food pusher
Ease of CleaningRemovable parts for easy cleaning
DurabilityQuality materials like stainless steel

By considering these features, we can identify the meat slicer that will best suit our jerky-making needs, ensuring quality and safety in our preparation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our guide, we focus on the crucial aspects you should consider when searching for a quality meat slicer for jerky, including features, brands, types, thickness settings, and benefits of commercial options. We strive to provide clear and specific information to help you make the right choice.

What features should I look for in a high-quality meat slicer for making jerky?

Look for a meat slicer with a sharp, stainless steel blade, a powerful motor, and adjustable thickness settings. A slicer that’s easy to clean and has safety features is also important.

Which brand offers the best durability for slicing meat for jerky?

Brands like Beswood and Chef’sChoice are known for their durable meat slicers that can withstand frequent use and easily slice through tough meats, essential for making jerky.

How do I choose between a manual and an electric meat slicer for jerky preparation?

For frequent and large-volume jerky preparation, choose an electric meat slicer for its speed and ease of use. A manual slicer would be suitable for occasional use or if you prefer more control over the slicing process.

What thickness settings are ideal on a meat slicer when cutting meat for jerky?

Jerky is best when sliced between 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick. Ensure the slicer provides precise and consistent thickness controls to achieve the perfect slice every time.

Can you recommend any American made meat slicers that are suitable for jerky?

The American brand Hobart offers high-quality meat slicers that are suitable for making jerky, with powerful motors and durable construction.

What are the benefits of using a commercial meat slicer for making jerky at home?

Using a commercial meat slicer for home jerky making ensures consistent slices, efficiency in large batches, and a more durable machine that handles the tough demands of slicing meat for jerky.