Are Weighted Blankets Hot? AVOID those Mistakes

Are weighted blankets hot? Do weighted blankets make you hot? Those are some frequent questions people ask when thinking to buy a weighted blanket. In fact, this has been recognized as one of the most common concerns about these blankets. So, do heavy blankets make a person hot? 

Weighted blankets are not necessarily hot, but they can definitively keep you warm during winter. This kind of warmth doesn’t make you feel hot but usually gives you a sense of security. However, there are many factors to watch out for to avoid mistakes before purchasing a weighted blanket.

Of course, a heavy blanket gives a warm sensation like any other blanket, but being heavier, if not designed correctly, some weighted blankets may feel hot, especially if you are a hot sleeper.

Are Weighted Blankets hot?

The most important factor to consider to understand if a weighted blanket would be hot is how the blanket is designed and its materials.

Available Weighted Blanket Fabrics

Best weighted blanket fabrics for hot sleepers

It always comes down to the fabric that is being used. Most premium weighted blankets use fabrics that are breathable and allow ventilation of the heat.

Different fabrics will have specific heat retention properties. This will greatly influence how much heat is retained by the heavy blanket.

Most weighted blankets are made of the following materials:

1 – Cotton

Cotton is considered the most popular fabric to be used for anxiety blankets because it’s breathable and it is easily dissipating the heat of the body.

This breathability of the fabric allows the person to enjoy a cooler sleep, even during the hot nights in summer. 

If you are concerned about your blanket getting hot, consider getting a 100% cotton weighted blanket

2 – Bamboo 

Bamboo fabric is also a very good option when we are talking about breathable anxiety blankets.

Bamboo fabric is also used in especially making cooling blankets as it is effective in providing a cooling and breathable sensation. 

3 – Linen 

Linen isn’t always the first choice for making those blankets but it surely is used to making air-permeable blankets.

Linen has greater moisture and vapor transmission and is also effectively used by those who may suffer from night sweats. 

You can use linen as a bed sheet and put the heavy blanket on top of it to increase ventilation.

4 – Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also considered a good option for weighted blankets as it is a biodegradable material that is manufactured from wood pulp. Making it not only breathable but also environmentally friendly.

Its organic fibers allow the body to get relief from the heat and provide a cooling effect. Not only this but it is also a more sustainable blanket option for people who are worried about getting hot on warm nights. 

5 – Mixed Materials

Mixing up different materials for making a weighted blanket has proved to be an effective design strategy. This allows also to provide a better temperature control system.

By mixing materials, different qualities can be combined for the desired results.

It is also considered that by mixing material, it can be used in all seasons. For example, a mixture of cotton with bamboo makes a weighted blanket cooler than the usual one.

In the same way, wool and cotton can be mixed to make breathable and warm blankets. This mixture is not a good option for hot sleepers. 

Weighted Blanket Covers

Weighted blanket can be prevented from making you hot by using duvet covers.

Again, it depends on the fabric that is used to make covers for the blanket. While buying a weighted blanket; if you are concerned about it making you hot, you should consider getting a cotton duvet cover as it will make the blanket cooler.

If you want to keep your heavy blanket comfortable, you should definitively prefer a weighted blanket with a removable cover. Those covers are not normal duvet covers, because they can be tied to the heavy insert making it much more comfortable. This will avoid the weighted blanket shifting around while you sleep and will also provide an easy way to care for it, especially if the cover is washable.

Number of Layers of the heavy blanket

When we talk about the weighted blanket, it is made up of different layers of materials which vary from four to seven. It is important to keep the number of layers in consideration when thinking of getting a weighted blanket.

The number of layers and the fabric of these layers both play a role in heating or cooling. 

How about Plush fabric?

Plush fabric is often considered a luxury option when getting a weighted blanket. It includes materials such as silk or soft micro-fleece. These materials give a warm feeling and are mostly considered to be used during cold nights in autumn or winter. 

Whenever you see a weighted blanket that is labelled as silk, yarn, polyester or a mixture of these materials understand that it might not be a suitable option for hot sleepers during summer. 

Weighted blanket for All Season

It is clear that the fabric, covers, and layers of a weighted duvet decide whether it will give a warm sensation or a cool one. You might be wondering that if weighted blankets do not make you hot then what are you going to do when it is cold?

For this reason, the all-season weighted blankets are designed with a mixture of fabrics and materials to balance them. It is designed with such material that it gives you a warm feeling when it’s cold and also keeps you cool if it’s hot. This can be achieved by doing as such:

  • Use a cotton cover to make it cooler in the warm season and again switch it to plush fabric when its cold. 
  • Having a removable plush cover to remove during summer. In this case the weighted insert is generally made of 100% cotton or bamboo.


In conclusion, are weighted blankets hot? It all comes down to:

  • Fabrics
  • Covers

Certain fabrics such as cotton, bamboo or eucalyptus are used in weighted blankets to make them more breathable. On the other hand, relatively warm weighted blankets are also available for cool sleepers. 

You don’t have to worry about weighted blankets making you feel hot as it all depends on the one you choose to get. If you are a hot sleeper just get one made of 100% cotton or buy a removable cover made of very breathable fabrics.

“Not many people know that the fabric in direct contact with your skin is the one that contributes the most to the feeling you may experience under a weighted blanket. If the blanket feels too warm in summer you can use a flat 100% cotton sheet and ontly place the weighted blanket on top of it. The cotton sheet with icrease the air circulation close to your body making it easier to remove the excess heat. If this is not enough and your blanket has a removable cover, then you can also remove the cover and only use the cotton insert coupled with the flat cotton sheet.”

Simon – Relixiy Co-Founder

You shouldn’t worry about getting up sweating in the middle of the night because of the blanket. Simply get yourself a premium weighted blanket with a removable cover that suits your requirements and enjoy all of its amazing benefits! 

Finally, if you are a hot sleeper, you may be interested in combining those suggestions with other tips for hot sleepers to further increase your comfort.